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Life, you’ve got a right to it, but don’t do something stupid to give the government and excuse to take it (either by due process or as a result of attacking a cop. Liberty is your Right, as well. Again, don’t give the Government an excuse to take it. Pursuit of Happiness is your right, but there is no guarantee that you will catch it. You do not have the right to make other people pay for your Health Care. That is your Responsibility in maintaining your Right to Life. That is Slavery!

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Jimmy Carter didn’t double the national debt, ignore the warnings of 9/11, invade the wrong country, crash the stock market, housing market and the auto industry. That was Bush, the worst President ever. The scary thing is that Republicans think we should go back to those policies.

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I am guessing a lot of you have never had a lot of contact with the element the police have to face every day. Your safe, insulated life allows you to gloss over the fact that there are bad people running loose in our streets.

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“Ain’t” is a contraction of Am Not. How to use “Ain’t” correctly: “Officer, that AM Not my weed!”. “I Am Not did it yet.” “I Am Not went there before.” I Am Not neither lazy.”
So many other examples!