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Under Republican President Richard Millhouse Nixon in 1970, 4 Kent State University students were gunned down by the National Guard on campus. Some were students and even bystanders were shot. The were protesting Nixon’s announcement of the Cambodian Campaign. These were students, white, protesting peacefully a broadly unpopular war in which students were bring drafted and some were not even able to buy alcohol yet they were old enough to die for our country. These Baltimore criminals….

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I would be a lot more sympathetic to your cause if your were not carry items you had just stolen from a store which you then set on fire. What was your cause?

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Hey IRS, Al Sharpton will be in Baltimore, you can serve your arrest warrent there.

That 1%er needs to pay his 4.5 million in back taxes!

How many hungry children would that feed? Over 22,500 kids for one month at the current monthly food stamp rate of 194 dollars.

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Baltimore Ravens football players must have coached the rioters, except no one has been murdered yet like the person on Peachtree St by the group with their player, what’s his name? Keep your silence, just like then. And you wonder.

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Every rioter should be arrested and thrown in jail. They are committing arson and theft not protesting anything. Just another chance to get away with stealing whatever they want.

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Wow…conservatives had a banner night. You got to criticize blacks, the President, Al Sharpton, poor people, welfare recipients, … You showed your party’s real hate colors. I’m sure your mamas are proud.

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1970 – Kent State University, Ohio – Students, not looting, not armed, just protesting the war and draft. National Guard called in. 4 KILLED. STUDENTS. Those criminals in Baltimore better get a grip.

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You accuse AJC of being racist and to quote you “the N word” and then you spell out an ugly word beginning with F. The Vent is for intelligent people to have adult discussions. There is no room here for such hatred, finish your drink and go to bed.

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Some of us have worked all our adult lives and never taken a dime from any type of government program and now we see some of our cities being looted and burned, mostly by people that only take and never contribute anything to the common good of all of us. Talk about a double standard!

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I think the Creflo Dollar fans are the same as the Pat Robertson fans are the same as the Jim Bakker fans are the same as the Sean Hannity fans are the same as the Bill O’reilly fans are the same as the Nancy Grace fans are the same as the Joe Scarborough fans are the same as the Rev. Al fans.

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The staff at AJC are racists. Goodbye to our Progressive neighborhood’s many print subscriptions, we just caught y’all deleting posts without merit because whomever had the mouse at their disposal at the time didn’t agree with it; while allowing people to call Baltimore Rioters the “N word”, and even allowing flagged posts inciting racial violence against black and brown americans. You racist f…ks!

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I guess there is something really wrong with me. I don’t like people cheating on anything but if someone cheating on food stamps means that one child has food I will live with that and my tax money is well spent.

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Where is the leadership that is so badly needed? There certainly isn’t any coming from the White House. How much longer till we get a real President? Hope we can make it till then.

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“Government sponsored police killing unarmed black men” Really? Just where are you getting your news, from uninformed idiots on the street, or are you just not comprehending the news from mainstream liberal media ?