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i love the theatre yet i hate to throw money to the fox theatre, where i cannot hear a thing (even with the headsets they provide). I hate to throw away $300 for two tickets parking, and dinner to hear nothing. Can’t they fix the sound system up?

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You actually think it is okay to run over a cyclist in a pick up truck and nearly kill them over a hand gesture? Let me guess. you must be one of those GOP “Christians” who drive around like you own the road in your land barges with your giant butts and guts

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Everyone commits sins. Criminals. politicians, adulterers, people who marry the same sex and every human being. So, rather than waste your time judging everyone, let God sort them out and forgive or punish. You’ll have less stress and can concentrate on what you can change.

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Ventguygal: How many times can I vote a single Vent up or down, when does a Vent disappear, how long does a Vent last. We’d like to know your secret formula. Where did Best of the Vents go? Was your former job as a magician?

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There us no free lunch.. … unless you are an elected official. I actively worked for 73 years, qualified for and fully earned three different retirement plans and a 401k. Guess how many are now taxable? EVERY ONE!

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When will some authority somewhere root out the glaring corruption in DeKalb County Government? past and present. It doesn’t appear that the voters have the smarts or the will to do so. And like most Atlanta voters they only vote for 2 things,”blackness and name recognition.” Glaring Corruption ? not a problem. That’s why we will likely see Tyrone Brooks, J replace his daddy in the GA Legislature, notwithstanding his daddy being headed to Federal Prison for mail, wire, and tax fraud.

score -7

No conservative should be allowed to vote until they recognize they are not the center of the universe and there is more to life than their twisted “god”