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“Police: Clayton County Sheriff Hill shoots woman inside model home”
You can’t make this stuff up.
Although Clayton Co. was the poster child for discredited schools, APS has had the limelight long enough.
The constituents [sheeple] of Clayton Co. are now again the laughing stock of the South for having elected this certified buffoon and a realtor will retire with millions of the sheeples tax dollars [if she lives through it].
BTW-thanks AJC for not allowing comments on a story that has legs

score 3

Dear board and unhappy, next weekend pick something fun to do. If the weather was like this weekend there are many parks in Georgia. Or if your not the outdoor type many museums can be fun. You could stay home and invite friends over for movie or game night.

score 2

The Worldside Press has so much coverage about how Prince George will react to his new sister. He should just take my Grandson’s advice – when his new baby sister arrived 25 years ago he said “…just take her back to Rich’s & get another one that doesn’t cry so much.” Ah…yet another reason to miss Ole Rich’s

score 5

You’re kidding right? NOBODY HAS SAID SQUAT ABOUT THE COLOR OF VICTOR HILL’S SKIN…. He could be the whitest, lilly white person on earth and I would still tell you you he is nothing but trouble..

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Cheer up unhappy, you could have spent your weekend checking on the new vent on and off reading about other peoples issues. I wasn’t bored just accomplish nothing! We both need a new hobby.

score 4

The “unarmed teen” in Ferguson turned out to be a strong-arm robber who was shot in self-defense when he assaulted a cop. The “unarmed bridegroom” in New York was trying to run over cops with his SUV when they shot him. The “black motorcyclist” in Miami turned out to be a drug dealer who was shot while trying to run over a cop. Maybe the cops in Baltimore are as guilty as sin. I don’t care. The last time the shepherd boy cried wolf, there really was a wolf.