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just like Habersham County, the settlement will punish taxpayers while shielding lying dirty cops from the consequences of their actions. It will continue until at least one is actually prosecuted criminally

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1400 people lost their lives in a earthquake and we are interested in a man who wanted to be a woman but, fell in love with a woman so decided to stay a man. Now he is divorced so he decided to be a woman again and make tons of money letting us watch. Shame on all of us. Prayers for Nepal.

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$60 million tax dollars were spent by Republicans investigating the Clintons and no proof of any wrongdoing was found. That was 4 times the amount spent investigating the Iraq war fiasco and the economic collapse. No wrong doing has been uncovered in 4 investigations of. Benghazi,no laws were violated in email gate and now you are accusing her of brokering a nuclear deal. If you can’t win with better ideas,. I guess you will have to continue to try to win with lies.

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Iraqs General Georges Sada testified to Congress that Iraq moved the WMDs to Syria under guise of humantarian relief because The USA was coming. Israel then blew up the warehoused WMDs in Syria in 2007. Our soldiers also destroyed some WMDS. Know your facts before spouting sound bytes from your liberal talking heads.

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I agree about senseless wars.I wish we hadn’t fought the cold war so we could now be speaking Russian ,I wish WW 2 never happened since,I’m blond and blued eyed and I’d be part of the Master race.We thought there were WMD in Iraq just as Obama thought there were no hostages in that compound that killed 2 Americans.

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Why can’t Republicans and Democrats agree we need to fire incompetent and sorry federal employees.Only 3 people in the VA have been fired.We need to hold these employees accountable like they would be in a private business.

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Why did we go into Iraq? Oh yeah for WMD. How many did we find? So we spent trillions fighting a war we never should have been in and Cheney got Halliburton a no-bid contract for years, but its not about the corporations. Where did this get the U.S., absolutely nowhere, just like the other senseless wars!!!

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Well, the crops may be picked in Alabama without immigrant pickers but do I have to remind you the mess in Georgia about 2 years ago and them trying to get people who had just been released from jail/prison to pick the crops?