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Low and middle class do not pay much in taxes, if any. At the end of the year they receive most of it back. The top 5-10% of income earners pay over 95% of all collected taxes. Doubt that, check with the OMB. With the FairTax we all pay the same.

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Now let me get this straight. Atlanta police arrest a woman, she shoots at police and they return fire. The woman’s family is upset. Is anybody held accountable anymore?

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I have never heard so much hogwash in all my days.
Maybe in a perfect world we would not need policemen but this is far from being a perfect world.
There may be a few rotten apples in any profession, even the ministry, but I appreciate our policemen for doing their best keeping the rest of us safe. We would be in a hell of a shape if one day they all walked away from the job. would you want to be a cop?

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To paraphrase, why do you vote for conservatives? What?

Hate to burst you bubble but all votes are for the rich – conservative or liberal. You think Hillary is poor? You think Obama got in office by saving up for it – you’re a joke.

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I don’t know if you have noticed but there is a nationwide trend to decriminalize small drug crimes. They are filling up the jails and draining police resources from more serious crimes. Not saying I agree or disagree but it is nothing new.

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To the black congress women from Maryland that moaned about having to tell her son to “be respectful to police and do what they tell you” if stopped. Geez, what does she think she should tell him? She might also tell him to be respectful to all people.

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It is so puzzling how you do not support your own best interests and those of your family, friends, neighbors and all Americans. Why do you cast your vote for corporations, fall for the propaganda and speak loudly for the rich who consider you a fool and not worthy to kiss their feet? To paraphrase, why do you vote for conservatives?

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Today the Lawyer for the family of Freddie Grey said “we should stop putting black men in jail for drug offenses so they can remain at home with their children”. I don’t see the situation in Baltimore or any other inner city getting better any time soon.

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People complain that wages are not keeping up with increased hiring. Yet, they cannot fathom the importance of joined forces to demand fair pay, i.e. a union. What incentive does an employer with an ocean of available talent have to increase a person’s pay? So, quit fighting unionization and recognize their value in today’s economic environment.

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Romney DOES NOT give to charities unless you consider the Mormon Church a charity. And he pays no taxes because his money is in 5 different countries. I bet you voted for that. How un-American to put your money in foreign countries.

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Face it… Someone has to pay taxes. The middle class is getting hammered now and will not benefit from your fair tax. This is just another scam on the middle class like the Reagan and Bush tax cuts. My taxes went up both times.

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People have tried to knock Obama on everything from not wearing an American flag on his lapel to charitable donations. I had never heard of such before. But all of a sudden, there’s all these new standards. Conservatives thought the world was coming to an end back in ’08.They werent that frightened when 9-11 happened. Obama gets elected and there’s “Please Pray For Our Nation” bumper stickers on cars.

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The Fair Tax will help the poor and middle class because they would pay less in taxes. Go to & compare results with your last tax return.