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CNN maybe reporting that Obama is popular with the rest of the world but he didn’t step in Iran when that young girl was killed and the youth begged him for assistance. Saudi Arabia Prince has “no respect” , Germany, Turkey and our allies NATO and the list goes on and on. But wait I hear Cuba is a great place to vacation!

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Carson & Fiorina both have books for sale this week & both announced they’re running for president. Do you think they are real candidates or just trying to sell books or earn an income while going on a book tour?

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Bill Clinton said there was no mis-handling of foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation while Hilary was Secretary of State – with a straight face.

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The stage is being set for World War III, will probably happen while Obama’s in office. When ISIS attacks our city, obsessive racist are you going to be concern about who is black or white then?

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What were the people at the ” Draw Muhammad” art contest thinking ? There is a big difference between demonstrating for freedom of speech and setting your hair on fire to run thru the dynamite factory !

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It’s not just the AJC. News outlets do not give the race of suspects, making it harder for everyone. I’m also fed up with all the criminals depicted in TV commercials are white men, because otherwise the commercial would be racially insensitive.