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If Hillary`s E-mails are classified and cannot be released in whole, why doesn`t the FBI investigate her use of a private unsecured server for federal business.

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Did it ever occur to you that the school districts you call Democrat are treated differently from those you call Republican? Did it ever occur to you that whole neighborhoods are essential apartheid? Do you ever think that all white or all black neighborhoods are UN-AMERICAN? Do you think about anybody but yourself?

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As I see it: The Republican-controlled Congress hates Obama so much that it blocks him on just about everything. Obama is so stubborn about not committing troops to fight ISIL that he thinks the local countries will…as long as war lords get paid. I think that the Middle East countries are more likely to JOIN ISIL rather that fight them if American cash ceases. And, the Congress doesn’t care. They just want to get reelected.

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Pathetic level of ignorance in the right-wing vents. Georgia near the bottom in education standards. Coincidence?
yes, we are near the bottom educationally; if you will only do a bit of simple analysis, you will see that the schools located in precincts that vote 90% Democrat that are pulling us down. Perhaps you’re the “pathetically ignorant” one???

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So the Middle east situation is basically down to the Sunnis fighting the Shiites. I say let them fight it out. Why do the Conservatives want us in the middle of that? No other country is jumping in.

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Critics claim Hillary’s E-mail server was set up in advance with the sole purpose of cheating. Critics also say Obama thinks America has no right winning and cheers our decline. In a better world we would find such allegations laughable and could dismiss them as slandeer.

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Lacking empathy for others is call sociopathic—and that is a huge segment of the population of Georgia. You people have dehumanized gays, made inter-racial marriage illegal once, hung innocent black men because they were black, and still want the country to sink into the the pre-Civil War era. What a bunch of lovely people you are!

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Look you narrow minded insignificant little bigot—-the Bible is not the “law of the land”, nincompoop. This country is based on Freedom of Religious Expression, and your twisted form of so-called “Christianity” is not the Only religion, so back off and read the Constitution completely for once in your bigoted life!