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Teddy Kennedy was a disgrace as a human being who never should have been allowed to hold public office. Georgians would never have elect him so being called a redneck is really a badge of honor.

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I don’t know what by highway gas mileage is for the car I bought in November because it hasn’t been on the Interstates yet. Maybe I should have bought an electric or hybrid car.

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The day is coming when computers will intervene to correct reckless driving. Rear ending will be almost impossible because tailgating will be overruled by the onboard computer.

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This Country will eventually collapse under the weight of our defense budget. Even Eisenhower warned about the growth of the Military Industrial Complex. We obviously didn’t listen.

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Southsiders? Have the guts to call out the real offenders. I’m a southsider and I have never stained my ears with that crime against humanity called rap.

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When the Jews were being killed by Germany, we stood by and pretended it wasn’t happening for we were not a mostly Jewish country. Are we going to sit back, again, and allow the Christians to be exterminated until it reaches our shores?

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Tolerance means accepting that others can believe and act differently, including concepts that run afoul of your interpretation of your Bible, without shutting the door to them figuratively or literally.

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You should see the vents of mine that get flagged by the Vent Nazi. In no way do they have profanity or any vulgarity. But that is why he is called the Vent Nazi.