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I’ll say it again. More whites voted for Obama than blacks. Obama beat the GOP twice. Let that sink in. Obama beat the GOP twice and had more white votes than black votes.

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Who are you to insult the intelligence of an entire race and an entire political party! And just who were the geniuses that re-elected Govenor Deal, a currupt politician if there ever was one.

score 2

How does a Democrat select between two Democrats running for the same office – pick the one that is more convincing that everyone else is out to get them.

score 4

I wonder how many trees AARP has killed with their inexplicable, not to mention annoying, policy of bombarding members with membership renewal notices six months before the subscription actually expires.

score 3

That’s how liberals vote. I am sure that these people.e all did their homework on the background of this POTUS on his views and his policies on the country………..NOT

score 3

Let’s see now….. Pakistan got nukes under Bill Clinton, North Korea got nukes under Obama, and now Iran is gettig nukes under Obama….need I say more????