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Why aren’t the left screaming about the HOT lanes. After all, only the “privileged” can afford to ride in them. What about those “less fortunate.”

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Have you seen those women with painted lips and nails? What’s the deal with them? Some even seem to have smeared black stuff onto their eyelashes. They need to cover their heads in a Godly manner.

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Interesting Vent

“We’ll hear about middle class economics from the GOP since campaign season”

Isn’t this the same rhetoric Obama and the left have been regurgitating for the last seven years?

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It doesn’t take an average person to see that those who describe what’s “wrong with America” is that those who say that are really saying: You are not like ME, not conservative enough like Me, and YOU are wrong, never ME.

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Skin desecration called tattoos is actually a form of mental illness. It’s exactly like those people who die their hair bright red or chartreuse for some kind of sick attention. I find those poor people worthy of pity.

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Instead of the Billionaires SELECTING the next President, I would like to see a system for the American People to make a “confidence vote” on Congress and then base its choice, by voting for or against the occupants in that failing system, and replace it with one that works—like the British system.

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I don’t care for tattoos or body art myself. However, I’ve looked past it and hired people with both and found quality employees. For whatever reason they feel branding themselves like cattle is a form of expression.

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We’ll hear about middle class economics from the GOP since campaign season is starting. They need the middle class conservative vote. After the election, they’ll forget the middle class like always.

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Just where are you planning to put all your next children’s handprints? It’s your body, do as you will. But some of us will judge you because as that’s a little strange.

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That’s so cute to have your newborn’s handprints on your body. When she is eighteen are you gonna have her handprints cast in bronze? Not condemning, just curious.