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Baltimore drug dealers are all pouchy lipped because the media has taken over their “territory” and drug sales have ceased. HA HA HA! ………again…….HA HA HA!

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I hope you folks are aware, that if your force yourself over while driving and slam into the side of person you’re trying to get front of, you’re at fault, and I sue.

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How did Soros buy it when not only did Obama get the electoral vote but the popular? G got it by the Supreme court ruling in his favor even though they should not have and G did not come close to getting the popular vote TWICE

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Attn. all libs/dems apparently the “extreminist” ISLAM RADICALS did not get the memo here in USA. LIB jargon Co-exist, Peace, move forward, be progressive, lean forward etc.

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You can’t reason with brainwashed faux watchers. They, they social security crowd will continue to vote for the very people who want to privatize social security and the middle class will continue deluded will continue to vote for the people who only represent the aristocracy. Brain washing apparently is very easy with corporate meda.

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As beautiful and wonderful and amazing as women are, I simply can not for the life of me understand how any man can find another man sexually attractive — if this makes me homophobic, I guess I gotta own it, cause I really, really don’t understand !!

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It’s a waste of time talking about the fair tax because it has a slim chance of becoming reality, if it did it would be IN ADDITION to income taxes, and any implementation of it would be UNfair – like exemptions for yachts and private jets. True change will only come when we rid ourselves of the entrenched bureaucracy, i.e., the people in power.