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City Council Member Andre Dickens sent a letter stating they should move the NCAA from Indiana and bring it to Atlanta due to the current issue they are facing…I think the city of Atlanta, should take the Telephone Booth out their own eyes before criticizing another city with a toothpick in their eye.

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(Smiley Face) No. No one ever said Bush “jerrymandered the vote.” You can’t jerrymander a nation. Now, state legislatures can jerrymander legislative districts and elect specific parties to the House, and they have done so forever. You can’t jerrymander state-wide or national elections. Once again, wow, just wow. You actually vote and have no idea how local, state, and national elections differ. Maybe the Republican’s are right. There needs to be a test for the right to vote.

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Oh, please. No one is trying to restrict your religion. You can practice it whenever you want and wherever you want

You do NOT have the right to make me responsible for your beliefs, nor do you have the right to keep me from my beliefs, or to interfere in my life. We are all equal before the law. There is an acronym that applies here, MYOB, It means, Mind Your Own Business (and your religion) and leave me to mine.