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lets see some crime-rate stats on Denver 420
government sponsors alcohol for REASONS.

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At least Nixon was man enough to resign.
Clinton was not and brought greater disgrace to the office of the Presidency by being impeached. The best adjective I can come up with to describe him is – SLEEZY.

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Gyro copter guy thank you for bringing attention to the wrongs in Washington, unfortunately all news seems to cover is that the Golden Dome over Washington was compromised and might be unable to protect the crooks!

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We now have a country of many tribes just like the middle east and the American Indian tribes.We have the Hispanics in the west,the blacks in the south and whites all over.Divided against each other we are falling as predicted.

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I have voted in many presidental elections in six and one half decades and the best President, by far, during my lifetime was Ronald Regan. It has not even been close.
The worst, Obama and Carter.

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Reagan was an ACTOR and selected to communicate to the average IQ voter. Just delivered the lines of his handlers. At least he had the character to admit how he had been duped. Nice guy. Horrible President.

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The unpatriotic students at Valdosta State that threw the American flag on the ground and trampled on it should be expelled from that government supported institution and made to pay back their federally guaranteed student loans immediately or face jail time.

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Sen Saxby Chambliss got out of serving during Vietnam by a football knee injury. Of course, his hand still worked taking $1M from his son, a lobbyist at the time for an energy speculation company in Chicago. Oh, he said he would not let his son do business in his office anymore but he never gave the money back.