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Mr. Ice Cream manufacturer, I seriously doubt your product is ” Artisan”. It’s mass produced and sold on common place grocery store shelves. Nice try though.

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I think there are at least 2 liberals, because one of them spells Cheney wrong. I think it is the same conservative all day, but he/she gets three sheets to the wind in the evenings, so the vents sound different.

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Yeah, we would like to give HOA’s a rest but they won’t give those of us who do not join their groups a rest. Why does Stephen King come to mind when I think of HOA.
Most of the people who head up the HOA’s have nothing to do and thrive on a little power.
Try following your own rules you nitwits.

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No, 57% of our budget does not go to defense. Maybe you are confused or maybe you are thinking discretionary budget and not total budget. Of the total budget, less than 20% goes for defense and around 40% goes for Social Security and Medicare.

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Is it possible that one hate-filled person is just sitting at his computer all day posting nasty vents? They never seem to end.

Yes! He enjoys dissent and no matter what you post he will find something ugly to say. He’s liberal but he will pretend to be conservative in order to pick a fight. I’m done, going outside, the vent is ruined.

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Oh! Excuse me! I’m an elderly female and have NEVER served in a war. Does that mean that I can’t tell you how abhorrent and horrible it is to murder your fellow man???

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“Is it possible that one hate-filled person is just sitting at his computer all day posting nasty vents” not unless he’s a schizophrenic. 12 hr liberal and 12 hr conservative.

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Yeah, and the last four letters of Republican are I C A N
and the last four letters of Democrats are R A T S.
Remember the first three letters of liberty are L – I -B.