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Nobody just forgets they have a loaded weapon, its a lie everytime you hear it. Just like saying you didnt know those county pcards are not for personal use.

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Which part offended you? That he was jewish, wanted people to care about each other and not seek revenge or he had nothing to say? Or maybe it was where the elements we are made of came from.

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I don’t know whose back you can pat other than your own if you work hard for your success. I am a single woman, and am very proud of the success I have earned. EARNED.

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I have no idea why Mr. Affleck should reveal or apologize for what his ancestors did 200 years ago, since he wasn’t alive to participate in their actions.

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I am a Republican who rose from poverty. I worked three jobs and put myself through college, and I work about 50 hours a week now. My parents didn’t give me a dime, and their parents didn’t have anything to give them either. Stop your pity party and your generalizations.

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Jesus was a brilliant jewish kid that envisioned a kinder and more forgiving world, no more eye-for-an-eye. He was a great philosopher. Unfortunately, like most dogmatic, egotistical stances turned into crazy chit, the religious followers today use their fictional superiority to prop themselves up as better people. We are all specks of star dust lucky as hell to be on this planet fighting over fruitcake stories we tell ourselves.