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“Priests in catholic churches in Ireland are supporting gay marriage saying it is the loving thing to do. They are men unafraid of gay men.”
Maybe, but they’re scared to death of women! Go figure?

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If you think openly Gay Scout leaders are ok, then YOU be sure and put your son in that troop.. and by the way.. When DAD wants to be the girl scout leader, you be sure to let that happen as well.. don’t tell me what needs to happen when you won’t subject YOUR kid to the nonsenses that you prescribe for everyone else.

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You missed the point entirely.. If you are going to use Memorial Day to drum up business at least know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

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Stalin lined up his army in columns, only the first row had guns, the guys behind had bullets. When the man in front fell, the next guy picked up the rifle and continued forward. Stalin told their only chance was to move west toward Germany, if the turned back east, Russian machine guns would greet them.

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It appears straight guys will not acknowledge how they let down children. Perhaps some of you really need to tell your dads and mothers how badly divorces or lack of married parents really made you feel, it could save you counselling money and save your adult relationships. They were not good enough for you. You deserved better.

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Geez, what an idiot… You could just take up Outback on their offer and say a polite thank you.. Instead you decide to berate them.. They could just ignore your sorry axx all together and maybe they should…

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If Germany had beaten Russia, or even not attacked Russia, and concentrated on invading England, we wouldn’t have had anywhere to base bombers to bomb Germany. By the time we did, they would have had a bomb. We were smart and let the USSR wear Germany down and then we went in for the final kill. Why do you think we let them have Berlin?