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Bill Clinton has been paid $20 million for speeches since he left office, Hillary charges $250,000 per speech and they you believe they have something in common with the little people. That shows how dumb Democrats really are.

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President Obama complains about the Senate holding up AG Lynch’s nomination. So why didn’t he complain that Harry Reid held up the vote on 300+ bills passed by the House?

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Right, classy Tea Party. Equating unions to ISIS. Just how low will you go before you realize YOU are the one trying to destroy the country. Unions gave you the 40 hour week rather than the 60 hour week for the same pay. Unions gave you vacations, holidays, week ends with your family. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Unions help build this country. Look at what you’re trying to do and be ashamed of yourself.

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To the fellow criticizing the postman for landing at The White House, read the story again. He landed right where he intended to-on the lawn of the Capitol.