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???! Pay 1m to settle or 2m for a trial? HMMMM. let me see , which one is the best use of tax money? See, the DA decides how to proceed, not the police dept.

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That’s the way the game goes. After an incident, mayor and/or police chief have a press conf. They arrogantly deny wrong. After the dust settles, the city quietly uses tax payer dollars for payoff.

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It’s a problem when police deny wrongdoing. Then the taxpayers end up having to pay millions to settle with families for excessive force. Case in point:Habersham co case of the cop throwing the flash grenade in the baby’s playpen. The police have a press conference saying they did nothing wrong right after.Well,why was the family given a million dollars if the cops did nothing wrong?

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It’s not the cause of the month. We have a problem with double standards when it comes to policing in this country. If you’re one of the good ones, I salute you. But there is no denying reform is in order.

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Climate change is climate change. Nobody wants to redistribute wealth with or for it. That is just more conservative fear mongering with no basis of fact. Get over yourselves. We have a responsibility to leave the planet for future generations in as good or better shape than we found it. At this point…we aren’t.

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The people who “have all the facts” about police shootings weren’t there and do not have a clue about what happened. You are forming your opinion based on your own prejudice with little fact and lots of opinion. Keep your bias to yourself and let good police officers do their job.

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Innocent until proven guilty is the law of this land…..unless you’re a police officer. Then it’s not only guilty until proven innocent, even if you’re proven innocent, your life or freedom is still forfeit or the vocal haters will riot and destroy the lives and property of people who had nothing to do with the situation. And they call that justice.

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Global warming is another ploy to take American citizens wealth and redistribute it to other countries. That’s the intention behind the co2 taxes, according to the global warming meetings of the major countries. Everyone wants clean air and water. If they want to give away more money, ask the Clinton Foundation for it, not this taxpayer.

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Years ago I read about a rookie FHP who shot and killed a 58yr.old drunk white man during a traffic stop at night,as he was reaching for his wallet to get his licence.The few times I have been pulled over I always roll my window down and put my hands outside the window.When he asks for my licence I ask if I can reach in my back pocket for my wallet.I don’t want some rookie scared to death doing a number on me.By the way,I’m white.

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Ever notice that the “Unarmed” blacks being killed by police officers were always resisting arrest. Seems that some people just don’t want the police to do their job.

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Some places will probably freeze up with climate change. It’s hard to say what will happen if the major currents are affected by the infusion of fresh water. Let’s roll the dice and find out.