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Hillary, don’t be evasive. The American people like it when our leaders stand up and own who they are and the decisions they’ve made. You are rich. That is nothing to be ashamed of. You and your husband worked your butts of to get to rich status. Be proud. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you can’t related to Americans who are not. You’ve been there. You know how tough it is.

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It seems ironic that Harry Reid sacrificed his legacy to build President Obama’s, but after all is said and done, the President’s legacy will be summed up in three words: First Black President.

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Can someone please explain to me how other people’s marriages are any of my concern? I don’t care what person another person marries. It is no way affects my marriage, life, etc.

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To keep Hillary Clinton in the news on a “positive” note PolitiFact posted that she was Truthful in her comment about the highly controversial and a major national concern whether USA community colleges were a world phenomenon. Thank goodness she has taken a stand on this all-important issue !

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When are people going to realize that minimum wage jobs are meant to be ENTRY LEVEL and not career jobs? If it doesn’t pay enough to support your family then show some initiative and get promoted to a supervisor and then manager position. McDonald’s is a prime example of promoting from within. If you’ve been on the grill or french fry station for years and are complaining about your wage maybe you should be asking why you haven’t been promoted.

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I used to support Huckabee but now that he is supporting & defending a known & admitted pedophile it really makes me question his judgment on all issues. And yes a 14/15 year old is accountable for their actions especially if that includes incest and pedophilia.

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Just saw a poll which said “Democrats want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote.”I wonder if they would feel the same if they thought those illegals would vote Republican.

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All I know about rich preachers is that Franklin Graham was making $535,000 from Samaritan’s Purse and another $669,000 from the Billy Graham Evangelical Association way back in 2008. Over $1.2 Million, but he’s got to put food on the table.

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Seems like you can’t identify the difference between the President having a long-standing relationship with Reverend Wright who has preached very anti-American sermons for decades and a 14 year old sex scandal involving minors where the perpetrator is now an adult and member of the Republican Party who holds no elected office.