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I had enough, so I went to rehab and asked them to teach me how to drink again. After reading the vent for the last few days I can’t continue on with no medicine.

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Rastafarians are allowed to smoke pot on the job all day but they can’t get fired because it would be considered religious discrimination. They get really stoned and start slacking off but what can you do? It’s part of their religion. I personally don’t think it’s fair because other people have to pick up the slack for them after they smoke their reefers. And they smoke really big reefers. I mean blunt sized reefers. The Baptists have to wait until they clock out before they can fire up a doobie

score -3

Yes, we all miss Lewis Grizzard. Can you imagine how much material he would have commenting on UGA never winning a Championship and the guy in the White House and H. Clinton.

score 2

I understand the 2nd amendment, but I don’t understand that rubes tactic to carry that semi auto to and thru the airport. He is very lucky that another good guy with a gun didn’t kill him.

score 5

The Patriot Act expired, supposedly ending spying on citizens. Does anyone think that thy will stop watching us for a minute? Not likely, the Genie is out of the bottle.

score 3

My shift is over… Gotta get some ZZZzzz’s.. I’ll be back tomorrow with more Pulitzer Prize quality vents…. Unless I win the Mega Millions tonight… in which case I will be having coffee at the Waffle House on my way to Lotto HQ.

score 3

You know we all make fun of the National Enquirer but who wrote about Jenner being a cross dresser and wanting a sex change before anyone would have thought it to be true.

score 2

The mistake CNN made was thinking that people would want to see news. They don’t. They want to be entertained. That’s why CNN did so well in the first Iraq war – it was entertaining to see all that explosion film. Fox is pure entertainment, courtesy of the GOP’s Roger Ailes.

score 0

I can remember how proud all Atlantans were when Ted started CNN and all of the so called experts said he was crazy and would go broke. He was truly ahead of his time.
Now, because of such a liberal slant on all news, they are a distant second to Fox Cable News. Well, at least they aren’t MSNBC.