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Thank you A.J.C., I was able to read the newspaper in about 30 minutes with scrolling enabled and other amenities. It is pleasant to get the news, once again. Please, keep it that way.

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CVS and every business in Baltimore should shut down and relocate. Every police officer and fire fighter should resign and move on to another city. Let the thugs and the black democrats run things without any businesses, police or fire departments and see how long that last.

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Kudos to the one mother in Baltimore giving it to her son for being stupid! Perhaps if Michael Brown’s mother had shown at least half of this interest in her son he would be alive today! Besides, this guy in Baltimore that died, had a rap sheet a mile long. An angel he was not!

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Sorry blacks. But the animal thugs we see on tv is exactly what you are to many. I bet MLK is proud of you. Teenage punks with no fathers, no jobs, no future, no desire to educate themselves are your future welfare plantation neighbors. Keep electing those democrats.

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I guess if members of the black community destroyed property over winning a sports championship, they could still be deemed real civilized members of society by the racists here.

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BLACK HISTORY MONTH ….FEB. 2016 ……2 MORE ENTRYS FOR HISTORY….. FERGUSON MISSOURI AND BALTIMORE , MARYLAND…….sad , sad , history too, considering this is 2015 not 1915…….

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For once I agree with Donald Trump. If Obama hadn’t apologized to the thug cop who arrested the black Harvard professor in his own home, these low lifes wouldn’t feel so impowered.

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The bumbling, unintelligible rants by the low information conservatives are astounding. e.g. “the main reason for taxes in the first place was for the defense of this country.”

If THAT is so, then park your car and never set foot on a road or interstate or bridge, take your kids out of school (if you haven’t already), don’t call the fire dept or police in an emergency, do NOT fly, don’t visit an MD or take antibiotics or ANY medicine researched by the NIH. There’s more but I don’t have room

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Two South Carolina cops sentenced to prison for tasing mentally disabled female 8 times. It’s nice to know justice is alive in some areas of the country.