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No one is claiming to be a saint, but sexual molestation of children is a serious offense. Look up the statistics on habitual sexual offenders. They are rarely rehabilitated.

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Those hypocrites pointing finger at that Duggar fellow need to see how many fingers they have pointing back at themselves. It’s very tragic what he’s admitted doing many years ago. I bet there’s not a saint among you.

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“Greedy corporations as you call them are out to make a profit. And in doing so, they provide you with every essential and every nice-to-have that you possess right now. Learn where that stuff you cherish comes from. ”
So, I’m guessing you think it’s okay since they provide essentials and nice-to-haves. Keep in mind, we pay dearly for those things and that STILL doesn’t give them the right to be greedy! You do a job, and you don’t get compensated anywhere near what they do!

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Why is it when I select Vents from the last 30 or even 365 days, I see only the same ones as from the last 7 days (which don’t, by the way, show ones even from yesterday)?

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Insurance companies don’t cover Autism because it is too expensive; would require them to raise rates and lose customers/money. But that’s the free enterprise system. Capitalism even. The goal is profit not humanitarianism. We don’t want big government to step in and solve that problem do we? Unless you have an autistic child that is.

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Those at the top can’t keep those at the bottom from organizing. Those at the bottom make a decision that organizing is not in their best interest. Tell me. Why is that by the way?

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How has it come to the notion that folks who don’t like dogs and cats are vicious villains? I just don’t want them around me. What’s wrong with that?

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Liberals love the idea of taxpayer funded programs . Conservatives hate the way government programs works. As a rule are more generous with helping others than our critics. We object to bad management and are not unkind monsters.

score 19

Good honest homeowners, who fall on hard times, are usually denied temporary help even though they do not know where there next mortgage payment is coming from. Why should bankruptcy be their only option, when many ingrates get welfare month after month?

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Whoever prepares the rainfall statistics for the Weather page needs a proof reader. Annual rainfall has been steadily increasing with no reported daily rainfall.

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No, my loving open-minded law-and-order family values friend–YOU wake up and smell the coffee. YOU defend the corporate leaders for SELECTING their favorite politicians. YOU see politics through the pinhole of your own experiences and show NO concern for the plight of others as if poverty is some kind of disease. It’s time to reflect on YOUR rotten attitudes.