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The only thing wrong with a Christian Nation is that it is governed by Christians; the meanest, most hateful, selfish, bigoted, and intolerant group of people around.

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Not only single unemployed women having kids is a problem. Lots of married people have more children than they can afford. Parenthood comes with responsibilities that need to be considered before you blindly pop out kid after kid . Latinos are notorious for having kids like a stray cat has kittens.

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Financially well off women have babies out of wedlock too. A child might well be better off that way then having some father who does not want a child so will leave or worse and break their child’s heart. Raves to woman who support and raise great kids. Men are not there for kids but love to bash these women.

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How long will some try to rationalize cop brutality by talking about black on black crime? Shouldn’t cops be held to a higher standard? It does not give cops a license to add to the murder rate.

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If you really wanted to stop child poverty here in America you could reduce half of it by making sure unmarried women without jobs quit having babies .Them and the sorry men they hook up with,are causing most of the poverty here in America.

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Move along folks… Nothing to see here! The good Sheriff will “splane” it all to us in his press release as soon as he gets around to writing it. Hey Governer.. You awake.? How about the Feds? Never mind.. Let’s give him one more free one.

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Carly has an awful record of outsourcing and killing a major company. She tried to buy the governorship of California and they were not fooled. Now she’s trying to buy the presidency. In her own words, she’s sooo yesterday.

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When the issue is protecting corporate predatory lenders vs. American veterans, is it any surprise whose side the republicans are on? (Hint: it’s not the veterans.)