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If you ever want to know how to logically present a view…watch Rachel Maddow. You may not agree with her view but she has an introduction, a body and a logical conclusion to an issue. If a fact is in error she will correct it by the end of the show or the first thing on the next show. I think you may be surprised. She doesn’t talk over, ridicule or harangue her guest. I will never understand how G.H.W. Bush called her a “sickko”.

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Please look in the mirror and ask yourself.

“is Fox news “fair and balanced.””?

If you answer “yes” you may not be very intelligent.
If the answer is “no” then why would an intelligent person watch it?

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Just saw a report on the news where an older white man tried to carjack a younger black man’s car. The younger black man had a gun and stopped him (no shooting – don’t think the white guy was armed, just a druggie). Now, don’t we all know that if the cops had come up on this crime in progress, they would have shot the younger black guy?

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I think we can agree about no regulations for kids running lemonade stands, but you know there will always be that one kid who mistakes the bag of rat killer for the sugar and kills half the neighborhood.