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The Vent is the place to sound off. Tell us what you really think and vote on vents from others.

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I think I’ve got it. Vents are continuously being posted, so that’s why some of them are disappearing. You get to see them as they come in. Now, get rid of the stupid voting, cause it’s not needed and I can live with this format.

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The AJC Vent filter? It was definitely designed by a Republican IT graduate from a small, private church backed college, because what you call vulgar and containing profanity in my Vent was no where near that.

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The Vent is absolute insanity. I decided to vote on a Vent and all of a sudden everything changes and a Vent appears 5 times. Then I click on the box on the left for “Today” and ALL the Vents disappear. Come on AJC. I am loosing my patience.

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One time my Yankee grandfather asked my Southern Grandfather,”Just how far is down yonder?” My Southern grandfather said,”About twice as far as one of your expletive Yankee considerables!”