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I understand that this is the South and poor spelling and grammar are to be expected but it is too hard to understand your point, in your Vent, if you are too extremely “Southern”.

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So, you’re saying you won’t be needing the Hillary for President yard signs? No problem. Just be prepared for 8 more years of disappointment for narrow minded, bigoted people.

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How do you figure Hillary’s desperate? Have you seen the polls? Double digit leads don’t warrant desperation. And she’s not pandering. Liberals aren’t paranoid about immigrants like conservatives.

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I find it interesting how surprised the media is that the Baltimore police chief admitted that they were part of the problem. I wonder if ANY member of the media is willing to admit the same thing

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There is proof that you can manipulate anything. According to a “unbiased” the best place to retire is the Mountain (unpopulated ) states Like Wyoming, Montana etc. I say let them move there. Georgia with all its faults is were I want to be. Plus I am going to live long enough to see it be a Purple state which I can live with.

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The reason why nothing was proven relating to the Clinton’s cheating a large number of people out of their life savings in the scandal in Arkansas is – There were about 20 witnesses to their criminal wrong doing but before they could testify, they all died – addicently or by suciede – RIGHT.

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Are you saying if I use the “N” word I am a racist? But when I am called a Cracker, Honky, Punk, White Stone, and so on nothing is said about it. Talk about being short sighted. You my friend are a RACIST.

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To the person that had white trash move into the cul de sac…we feel your pain, it looks like Sanford and Son have moved onto the corner of ours! Wait, are we neighbors??

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Some of you need to either go back to school or learn how to Google. If a person is born to an American citizen, they are a natural born American, no matter where they are born. Do y’all Einsteins think that all the babies born overseas to US military families are not American citizens. Buy yourself a clue, because you clearly don’t have one!