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I wonder how many of you “experts” would last longer than 5 minutes performing the job of Law Enforcement Officer or Military Service Member? You know nothing about everything when you comment on either profession. Hint: it is certainly NOT all about “killing”

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I hope that the dentist( very very sick individual) loses his practice, loses everything in life that is precious to him, especially his money. This poor lion would be alive today had this stupid idiot not had $55,000 to kill it. I am so mad about this that I am sick sick sick to my stomach . And to think these kinds of people are among us….

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I don’t have an issue with hunting animals for food, but paying large sums to hunt endangered animals is morally reprehensible and very short-sighted on the part of African nations. Tourism is very important to these countries yet once they allowed the big game to be hunted to extinction people no longer have a reason to visit.