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In the news today – Texans are gearing up to defend themselves from an invasion by our OWN U.S. military!!! I keep saying that Republicans are afraid of EVERYTHING, even really crazy stuff…and they keep proving me right.

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Rachael Maddow has probably the best put-together show of its kind on television. If you think it’s a circus it only proves you have never watched it. Ck out fact-check of Maddow vs. Sean and weep.

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Let’s see the “Reverend” Sharpton owes over $4 million dollars in back taxes but attacks upon his character or lack thereof are “racist”. Sure they are.

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Impersonating an POLICE OFFICER…..that ‘s got to be it !!!!….cause if Victor Hill is a sheriff……PREZ. URKEL is a nobel peace price winner……ooops !

Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill has been notified he will be charged with a misdemeanor for the shooting of a woman Sunday, a source confirmed.

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THUG was used by Prez. Urkel and Baltimore Mayor Stephanie describing looters…..but a white guy can not use THUG….just like Black rappers use the N word. and a white guy can not use the N word…..makes perfect sense.

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David Perdue’s advocacy for an unfair tax is a deceptively named plan to rest an even larger portion of the nation’s tax burden on the middle class and the American working man.

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The high Sheriff Victor Hill crashes 2 Clayton Co. vehicles per channel 2 in 3 months and he shoots a unarmed women . hmmmm….. Am I missing something ? What if I did that ??? or you did that ???…..charges, jail, court,….this WALKING SMALL SHERIFF nothing ?

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OK. I won’t use the word ‘thug’ anymore since its considered racist. I thought about replacing it with ‘hoodlum’, but I guess that would not word either. I sure hope they won’t consider ‘criminals’ racist.