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INCORRECT: I pledge Allegiance to the Lobbyists, and the government which they control.

CORRECT: I pledge allegiance to the lobbyists, and the government THAT they control.

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I am okay with being called a “white couple” or “causation”. I am certainly not “the MAN’. My family came here from Scotland after the Civil War and married into the Cherokee nation. I prefer to be called an American. So, poll time. Let us know what you want to be called? Black, Brown, Mocha, Negro, African, African American or American. And why is the N – word is off limit to us and not you?

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John Smotz’s speech was great with a little bit of humor. He has done more for Atlanta than you can ever imagine. You must be the dullest person around . No sense of humor

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I am terrified at every intersection , where ALL DRIVERS ARE LOOKING DOWN AT THEIR PHONES !!!!!….. SO I put a ‘STAY ALIVE, HANG UP AND DRIVE’ sticker on my bumper- if it saves just ONE life, it is worth it !

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With Christian evangelicals, your head might remain attached to your head this century. But in several past centuries, non-believers were burned at the stake, drawn-and-quartered, drown, and tortured to death. A noble history.

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Please forward the vents let them stay in the BLUE STATES!!!! Bless your little heart.
Actually what’s happening is they’re coming anyway and each one of their votes negates one of yours. Pretty soon you’ll be the ones complaining…. oh wait, it’s happening already!!

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There is NO debate about Stone Mountain! The mural on the mountain will stay like it is! All of YOU RACIST people just move on and get over yourself!! We are ALL SICK AND TIRED of your racially charged rants!

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Every state has its issues. But in states where there are majority whites, people are happier. The only problem is when crimes are committed they can’t blame it on the blacks.

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I was one of the federal workers who angered the bosses when I told them their data didn’t justify what they wanted to say. You would be astonished how much worse government would be without the honest workers.
Try that in private industry and you will get fired
When you find an honest Government employee please post their picture so that we can all know what one looks like.

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Is politically incorrect for blacks to call successful conservatives blacks Uncle Toms. Oreos, or Zebras. Why should anyone mean mouth success? I know it wouldn’t be wise for me to do it.

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I’ve asked it 20 times or more but I’ll ask it again – how does this new format Vent work?

Imagine a large group of elementary school children screaming at each other on the playground. Now, replace the image of children with adults, only less intelligent and more opinionated. That is how the “new” Vent works. Additionally, the AJC doesn’t care if it “works” because no one on the Vent is subscribing and paying for the service.