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Finding these unbelievably absurd conservatives Vents, I realized all you cons must be out of a job and don’t have time for anything else. See, it also make sense when you change the terms…Nice projection, dude.

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Nice try Tea Party. After you add in the extra debt, approved by your party, for “W’s” destruction to the economy. I think “W” wins. Nice try using “fuzzy math,” though. At least you didn’t out right lie.

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You posted “I am not an American” like you are proud not to be, but you sure do not mind living here enjoying our freedoms and benefits. I’ll bet that “cash” you want to pay for a new car was not even taxed.

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Time to reconsider how much of our American taxpayer money should go to Valdosta State. If the protestors had been walking on a Mexican flag they would be expelled for trying to incite a riot. An American flag? Oh, that’s ok.

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Someone in a vent herein lauding Dan Rather? Guess you don’t know what happened to ole Dan, do you? The guy that made up his own facts with false documents and tried to sell them as authentic on TV?

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A debate is a rational discussion of two different points of view. A rant occurs when a person, having no logical answer for the point made by the other person, immediately turns vindictive and hostile. Free speech rights for others rarely enters the mind of a ranter.

score -2

To that buzz-cut jingoistic spokesman for Ed Voyles: I’m not an “American” so, I won’t be buying a new car from you. My cash will go to another dealer who welcomes all qualified buyers.

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Let’s see if we got this straight…THUGGY Thomas staels a customers car where he works or worked, try’s to run over or away from police,and he is shot and killed…AND HES’ THE VICTIM??????? The best thing that could happen would have been for the car theft victim to have papers delivered at thuggy’s funeral showing he is suing them for his car.