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I learned early on when I moved to Georgia that ignorance of verifiable facts seems to be some kind of a badge of personal honor. I do NOT understand that at all.

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W. Bush lied, recognizes that normal people see him as an albatross around his brother’s neck, and yes, thousands died because of an insane war for Halliburton oil he and his V.P. created.

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To quote a bumper sticker I saw years ago: “No one died when Clinton lied.” Yeah, he lied, & yeah, he was someone who apparently couldn’t keep his pants zipped, but he didn’t drag us into a stupid war!!! Personally, I liked him for that.

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Ummm. . . “Slick Willie” wasn’t president on 9-11-2001. Tell me please how that might have been his fault? The president who was there had a look of absolute stupefaction on his face when told of it.

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Iraqs General Georges Sada testified to Congress that Iraq moved the WMDs to Syria under guise of humanitarian relief because USA was coming. In 2007(?) Israel bombed the WMD warehouse in Syria.

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Sounds like you’re the biased one since you won’t even go to the effort of finding out the facts but you still hold firm to the belief there were no WMD’s. That is the epitome of bias.

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So the House was nuts for holding Clinton accountable? Now that he’s been hanging out with a known pedophile on his private island you think Clinton is still a class guy who tells the truth?

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Yeah, just ask anyone in prison…they are ALL quote innocent unquote. Have to use the words for the punctuation, since the AJC is run by people who think punctuation is profanity.

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As you can see there are several sources listed for you since you are too lazy or biased to look at the truth yourself. This way if you don’t look it up you can still say it isn’t true & name call others, makes it very easy for you to stay ignorant.