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Most of the braves roster is filled with players I never heard of before. Having two starters losing most of their games and poor offensive behind the three decent starters bode for a long painful season. Please prove me wrong as I am strictly a record and fast forward DVR fan now.

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Shame on you if you voted for Obama because you think America needs to be punished! Fixing is far more logical than destroying. ‘Getting even’ almost always hurts you more than your adversary.

score 8

It’s a shame that AFTER someone is killed by an accident on the interstate with a semi truck, THEN the State Patrol gets out to check the trucks. I’ve almost been killed several times in Bartow County by speeding trucks. . . want to check some there?

score -2

Explain why I should be tolerant of a mixed bag of mythologies that have been at the root of every major conflict throughout human history. Because you say so?