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score 5

I am not paying attention to any 2016 election coverage until the summer of 2016 at the earliest. The amount of time and money wasted on the campaigns makes me sick.
Who’s with me?

score 4

Why is every news event in Valdosta reported by the local newspaper as a “fracas”.. Whatever happened to words like fight, riot, tiff, disagreement and butt-kicking?

score 6

What is with WSB TV’s obsession with Facebook? During a typical 30 minutes news program, they mention Facebook about 10 times, asking you to like them and bragging about how many views they have. Seems juvenile.

score 2

Bill Clinton has it pretty good right now, jetting around solo, making millions, staying out of the harsh spotlight. I do not believe he truly wants Hillary (Ms Clinton) to win, because he has nothing to gain from living in the WH. He would be under much more scrutiny, and he would have to appear with her at events.

score 2

Desecrating the flag should be “inciting to riot.” Anyone that refuses to recite the “pledge of allegiance to the flag” should have their citizenship revoked. If they are not citizens, they should be deported as undesirables.

score 4

I closed my holy book….then opened it again to pray for those misguided atheists who believe they have all the answers that come from the human condition. Your open mind has leaked your brain, I fear.

score 13

The nonsense over Ben Affleck’s attempt to hide slave ownership is just as stupid as those demanding apologies for the same thing. No one alive either owned slaves or were slaves so shut up already.

score -10

the 3 types of Republicans the really, really rich, the tools for the really really rich & the really really stupid middle/lower class white people who vote against their best interest.