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Why do restaurants sell only “medium “and “large “sizes. If I ask for a “small” size they explain they don’t sell them. I reply then that makes the “medium” a “small. “. The clerks look at me like I’M nuts! REALLY?

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You foolish liberals, you think that rasing the minimum wage is to help the poor workers, WRON G the union base pay is based on the minimum wage scale, when it goes up, all Union. members get a raise

score 1

Sunday’s probation story about what was being done to those desperately poor people over small infractions made me so mad I couldn’t read past the front page. Those people are getting rich on the backs of the poor.

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Those “Moderate Muslims” are just waiting until their numbers are sufficient for Jihad to be really effective against the “The Great Satan” America. Then-soon-you will find out what your PC ways have brought about, Liberal Idiots.

score 1

Why this President does not want to close the border is because he is hoping after you give these illeagals everything free, is that will vote for democrats

score 0

For all you who lament about the “good ol’ days” when things were much simpler, and everyone was self sufficient. Once the battle for “Americas Freedom” starts, you will get your wish.

score -2

A cop in So Car shoots an elderly man(Ernest Satterwhite). Cops says he reached for his gun(usual excuse). Problem is,the man was shot through his car door. Cops are refusing to release the tape. When did cops become above the law??

score 4

Someone is going to need to explain to me when/why I am supposed to be outraged at an unnecessary police shooting. As of late when a police officer shoots an unarmed person we are demanding that officer’s head on a platter be paraded through town but the sheriff of Clayton county can shoot a woman and he doesn’t even have to give a statement?!?!

score 2

The cops were actually waiting on a female cop to arrive to search. Common sense should have told the male cops to keep suspect on outside of car;where they could clearly see her and track movements. Should’ve made her get on the ground-prone or sitting with cuffs on. Common sense could have prevented that incident. Sad. I’m sorry,but If you cant think on your toes, maybe being a policeman is not for you.