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So long Vent Guy. It has been good to know you.. Sorry your place has been taken over by a set of kooks at the AJC. But what did you and we expect, intelligence?

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The criminals already have the guns. Convenient store clerk killed for a pack of cigs; cab driver killed for change; car jackings with baby in back seat; smash and grab; college students held up for cell phone. Young entrepreneur killed for his sneakers; drive by shootings – young boy in bedroom killed; cops ambushed sitting in car; cop shot in face at traffic stop; 50 police officers killed in line of duty last year. The criminals already have guns; what they need is a good set of parents.

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Mosteller says African Americans should avail themselves of the 2nd. Amendment. Which seems to me you can only do, by acquiring a firearm. This is a good step in racial equality. The Old saying,is “God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal.” To the anti-gun crowd this must make them furious. It will be considered “Racism” if they continue to try to take away Americans guns. Because now African Americans are encouraged to acquire them.

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If it weren’t so aggravating it would be funny. Conservatives time and again are shown to be hypocritical in their outrage. What they condemn today, they praised as heroic months or years ago.

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The great thing about science is that it is true whether you believe it or not. (Neil Tyson). Remember that climate change deniers when the planet is no longer habitable

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Emory should sue the family of that thug who took the heart transplant, then returned to his life as a criminal. “That hospital is racist,” his family insisted. No. That hospital was RIGHT.