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The train to nowhere is offering free rides until next year. Ridership is nowhere where they expected it to be so they make it free to get people to ride it. Be honest Mr. Reed. This waste of taxpayer money was NOT the best use of our money and will cost much more than you told us it would. Ask city hall, but only if you like the sound of crickets.

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When I began my first tax paying job, the owner of the business told me that 50% of our customers were minority. At that moment, he opened the cash register and told me, “At the end of the day, green is the only color of importance.” That was in 1962 in the South.

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SILVER COMET TRAIL will be just like then wild wild west with stage coaches being robbed by masked robbers. Look for new victims and the crooks using spike strips to stop the pretty bicycles…..Spring is in the air .

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I thought things were settled back when Lester Maddox was told if your business is open to the public you HAD to serve anyone who came in. Why should that change now?

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Grover Nordquist says: “No further support of Georgia Republicans because of their raising taxes, renaming them “fees”, which violates their solemn vows to him”.

April Fool!

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I wonder if the currently popular push against religious people whose businesses “discriminate” will mean that Kosher deli owners must begin serving pulled pork sandwiches to satisfy a free nation of BBQ-eaters? And Hindu restauranteurs must throw a few steaks on the grill……?