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Do you mean that if my precious is in a public school that they’ll have to get along with people from other religions and races like they’ll have to do in society as an adult? Horrors.

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The reason you give for taking my kid out of private school and putting them into public school is diversity? I don’t know which is worse – your grossly incorrect belief that only one race sends their children to private school or the fact that you ignore which type of school does a better job of preparing kids for the future – private or public.
Bless your heart.

score -2

Truth be known, most libs don’t want to hear an opposing view because it may pierce the thin veil of reality painted by the lame media. Now isn’t that why you don’t like Fox News libs, you would rather live in a reality provided by your shepherd?

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I don’t have to watch Faux to know what they are saying. i just have to have a conversation with the people at the Retirement home I volunteer at. Oh, and you can hear it through their doors because they have it on really loud in their apartments.

score -1

Relax Hoteliers Fl charges an extra 10% a night, Tenn 10$ a night more, Ga will be fine. If some cancels a trip because of a 5$ a night fee, do we really want them in Ga??

score 2

Have any of you liberals tried to figure out how much the interest on the national debt will be if interest rates go up only one percent? Try the old math. You can get the real numbers and it’s astronomical !!!!

score -3

I watch Faux Boobs to catch up on the latest lie they spew, and facts they skew. And your paw & grand paw watches it for what they calls the hot chicks, just ask them.

score 11

If you know I will not get any true data watching Fox News, then you must be watching it to know that. Tell me, why do you watch it if there is no true data there?

score -1

The AJC had an article a few days ago about money spent on remodeling a Cobb county commissioner’s office on the front page. This is like telling us the Sheriff’s office bought 3 new squad cars or the water dept ordered some new meters. Get over it AJC Cobb Co. is getting the Braves.