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To a Republican, what you do with your private parts are theirs to legislate about. Like ultrasounds for pregnant women in Virginia. Like politicians telling your physician how to treat you. But once Larry Flynt issues a reward for information about politicians sex lives, they start resigning at the speed of light.

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If I log in to use the vent does that mean it goes to the version that gets printed? None of the ones I see anymore are printed. I will NOT log in to use the vent when I’m working…

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The Republicans use overloading of the media with unimportant drivel; Birth certificate crap, Monica, Carter’s remark about women, etc. Anything to keep the public attention on anything but the issues affecting our lives. In Georgia, with such a low educational level, it is embarrassingly easy. What does the reptilian brained Republican consider when voting? Oh, fear, that’s right. Certainly not facts or logic.

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Iraqs General Georges Sada testified to Congress that they moved the WMDs to Syria under guise of humaniterian relief because the Americans were coming. Israel later blew up the warehoused WMDs in 2007. Our troops still found and buried many WMDs. Do not tout lies.

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In 2005 our new mortgage was passed from a local community bank to another bank, then to Countrywide and then to BOA. And now acquired by another bank. We constantly get notices to refinance. Don’t be a fool. Refinancing will put you further behind and save you next to nothing over time. They put more fees on to make money as so many people in the financial industry are out of work and just want to “flip” your loan. The divesting of people of their properties is criminal. Keep your home.

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Check your facts.. the whole mortgage fraud melt-down scheme started under Bill Clinton when he thought EVERYONE deserved to own a home.. It was the Government’s interference in the the mortgage industry that created the fraud. but, don’t let facts get in your way.

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The entire financial, fraudulent meltdown was orchestrated by the Republicans that allowed lobbyists to write the laws and then they voted them in. That was PRIOR to Obama even running for the Commander-in-Chief office.

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OH YEA…. what about all of obamas lies…… you can keep your health plan….you can keep your doctor….LIES….. obama said HE personally kept BOA from going under because it was too big to fail.. HE LIED the taxpayers bailed out BOA… obama said HE personally kept the auto industry from going under… HE LIED …the taxpayers bailed out GM and others want me to keep going…..

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Georgia, the right to work state, where you can work for 18 years towards a retirement only to be fired without any reason or be totally proficient but have the owners daughter decide she does not like you and does not want you to work there or maybe you have had an illness that increases the business’ insurance costs. Or maybe you have to file bankruptcy because no one will hire you due to your age. Georgia, where northerners on union pensions retire.