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score 1

Make fun of Rush with nothing base it on but you think Obama, Clintons, Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Sharpton, Beiden, and the rest of those Dems are such ethical perfect human beings. You make me puke.

score 3

I’ll tell you what… We can use my taxes to pay to feed the poor. Yours can be used to buy some fighter jet or new aircraft carrier that isn’t needed but happens to be made in an influential congressman’s district.

score -1

If you need a voucher for your precious little children to get a good education, why shouldn’t you be willing to pay more in taxes so we could afford a good education in public schools so you DON’T have to get a voucher ? Or do you just not want them to mix with the poor unwashed?

score -2

Doesn’t say anywhere in the bible that we have to take care of the lazy and those who refuse to try. The poor from biblical times and today are no where near the same. There are way to many things in place to change ones way of living to stay poor.

score 2

I sure hope the government doesn’t try to stick its nose into Charter and Timer Warner merging. Businesses need to be allowed to merge so there can be less competition and they can charge what they need to charge.

score 5

Education vouchers. If you want to send your child to a private school you can pay for it yourself. My children are out of school and I don’t mind paying school taxes but if the public schools aren’t good enough for you…that is your problem.

score 2

People say some really stupid stuff … e.g.: “Any American blacks travelling to Africa today are in danger of being kidnaped and enslaved since black on black slavery still exists today in Africa. Where is your beloved Al Sharpton or Jesse or Holder or Barry or YOU on this issue? “

score 2

I’m sorry, but if you took a personal pay cut ” to keep from having to pay for freeloaders” I really feel sorry for you. I hope you can explain that at the Pearly Gates.