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I don’t care for tattoos or body art myself. However, I’ve looked past it and hired people with both and found quality employees. For whatever reason they feel branding themselves like cattle is a form of expression.

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We’ll hear about middle class economics from the GOP since campaign season is starting. They need the middle class conservative vote. After the election, they’ll forget the middle class like always.

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“It appears that as far as the presidents concerned,middle class lives don’t matter.” You must be watching Faux news when the president talks middle class economics? The GOP is always talking trickle down. Where were you when the president was trying to put more of the tax burden on the wealthy? But was shot down by the GOP?? You must’ve been plugged in to that pill popper Rush Limbaugh. The brain can continue to learn throughout life. But not if its tuned into faux news.

score 2

Just where are you planning to put all your next children’s handprints? It’s your body, do as you will. But some of us will judge you because as that’s a little strange.

score -2

That’s so cute to have your newborn’s handprints on your body. When she is eighteen are you gonna have her handprints cast in bronze? Not condemning, just curious.

score 15

I know this will anger a lot of people but I think ALL tattoos make a person look cheap and trashy. The more tattoos you have, the cheaper you look. I am sure there are exceptions, but you see very few business executives with tattoos because they don’t want to look trashy. Wise up, people.

score 6

There’s a lot of silly posturing going on both sides of the police debate. The truth is, our culture is messed up. HipHop glorifies thugs and TV glorifies violent Rambo cops, and lots of people, cops and private citizens alike, fall for it all. Maybe if everybody stopped trying to pick fights….

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If climate change is man made, the simple solution would be to have fewer people. After all, more people means more land cleared and more asphalt and concrete poured. More people eat more livestock. More people give off more CO2. If people are the problem, where is the plan to curb the worldwide birth rate?

score 3

The President sent Congress a request to fight ISIS back in February (Feb 11, 2015 Authorization to Use Military Force request). Why hasn’t this Republican controlled Congress even debated it or voted to approve it? ISIS lovers?

score -1

???! Pay 1m to settle or 2m for a trial? HMMMM. let me see , which one is the best use of tax money? See, the DA decides how to proceed, not the police dept.

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That’s the way the game goes. After an incident, mayor and/or police chief have a press conf. They arrogantly deny wrong. After the dust settles, the city quietly uses tax payer dollars for payoff.