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With all the news surrounding the shootings of black youths, why won’t the REAL problem be addressed? Parents – teach your children to stay out of trouble…that would solve anybody killing your black youth! But you don’t hear the black elite teaching ANY of that.

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Politicians are again suggesting their interest to adopt European ‘Value Added Tax'; typical where an egg will be taxed 11-times during the cycle from chicken to your stove.

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Why are so many cars crossing the center line headlong into oncoming traffic when it is highly unlikely the driver fell asleep? Driving deserves your full attention because your life is not the only one at stake.

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A fuel efficient car is a good start but you really need to organize your driving trips so you are not clogging up the roads for people who actually must go somewhere. My daughter-in-law can easily add 50 miles to a day of errands by not planning ahead.