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Staying honest is almost impossible in government even if you can get elected. Don’t forget every democrat and no republican voted for Obamacare. Bush foisted Medicare D on us and my ‘honest’ rep, who opposed it, said sometimes you just cannot defy the president.

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I don’t have to justify sending my kids to private school. I graduated from a private school myself; they are far better than the military zones (oh, excuse me) the public schools that are around today. If I didn’t send my kids to private school, they would be home schooled.

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There are censors on the Vent. Some are for the people who vent about talking points they’ve heard today. Others are about things the deep thinkers ponder about ALEC, etc. Those vent censors take notes and start recording your phone calls

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What you report is not what I have seen in public schools, and I have served on 5 school councils. Maybe you should visit a school instead of just spouting what you have heard from people trying to justify sending their children to private school.