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Those who live hand to mouth cannot reap the benefits of stock market investments. Those a little better off might profit when the retire. The big winners are the hated ‘rich’. Government fixing that is a prohibitive long shot.

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Hey Hank Johnson! The media is not seeking you out for your political acumen. They want to see if you can top the foolish things you said in the past. Once you opine, you become fodder for late night humor shows.

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Republicans want Obama to fail at what? Give me a bone here – what has Obama tried to do to make this country better for us all the the Republicans have opposed?

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Look up the Carlyle Group and Missoula Montana water. Third largest private equity group in the world bought the pure glacial waters that Dubya was once top dog. Now the Bush family has purchased a 100,000 acre aquifer in Paraguay that has a taxpayer funded, U.S. military installation near. One of the most significant aquifers, drinking water people! in South America.

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The GMA, corporate grocers “union”, is pouring lots of lobbyist dollars into preventing the ignorant citizens from being able to find on their food labels what is in their food. There are countries in Europe that will not allow entry of many of our food products.

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Perhaps voters should refresh themselves with some FACTS. Like the 22 U.S. ports on the East Coast and Gulf that Dubya threatened congress that they must pass the bill turning them over to Dubai Ports World. A huge close call! I guess he likes his “evil doers” when he and Cheney have an interest in it! John McCain was one of two that still voted for it. Unbelievable.

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Before you blame Obama for the most crushing and devastating trade agreement we have ever known, understand it is on a fast track approval through congress being pushed by REPUBLICANS! Trans Pacific Partnership. Good bye America.