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score -3

Let’s see. With Republicans stating that their MAIN GOAL was to keep Obama from getting re-elected, he managed to stop the Bush depression, get the ACA passed, get us out of Iraq, refocus attention back on Bin Laden and getting him killed, etc. etc. Like the little Red Hen said – Republicans did not help bake the bread, so now they do not get to eat any.

score -2

Wonder why kids don’t die in abandoned refrigerators anymore? They were dangerous and laws were passed to make them safer. We are lucky the National Refrigerator Association didn’t swoop in to lobby against those laws.

score 2

Lets see with our first, and hopefully the last Black president, the middle east is in flames, our friendly countries do not trust us, 47 million people on food stamps, the lowest work force since WWll, and the true unemployment is over 10%, what a great President. NOT!!!

score -1

Liberal policies you should be against. Children having an education. Children having food to eat and clothes to wear. Health care. Yes, I can understand why you don’t like Democrats.

score -1

If you are not a freeloader, you can pay for access to and read the real paper. Then you won’t have to complain about something that is being provided at no cost to you.

score -2

If the foreign relations were so easy then why did Connie and Georgie not fix everything when they were in charge? Then Hillary would have had nothing to do.

score 1

When the AJC teases you with a story, and then tried to force you to pay to read the rest of the story, just go to Channel 2’s site and read it for free.

score 1

The Koch brothers have made billions in America under the current laws and form of government. Now that they’ve got theirs, they want to sponsor candidates to change things. I wonder why? (see, you can remove it, but I can retype it).

score 3

Your great President appointed Al Sharp ton to his civil rights commmitee, what that means to you low information voters is that we the tax payers are picking up his travel expenses including hotel, food and a private plane for him and his cronies to fly around on. Pope do I hear crickets, I love it when you to a liberal, they just shut up

score 1

The question is how did your so called great leader, how did a average grade poor black kid get I to Harvard, Even Obama would not answer this question . but I am sure you liberals have all the answers, only in your mind!!

score -1

If your definition of “good race relations” is not having to see a black person in a position of power, then I suppose you think race relations have worsened under Obama.

score 4

Maybe we continue to vote Republican is because it is the lesser of two evils? I sometimes vote Republican because I know they will be, more often than not, against most liberal policies with which I disagree.