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What could be fairer than the Fair Tax? Everyone pays the same percentage, period… from beggars to millionaires. Plenty of developed countries use it to pay their bills.

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Most of the middle class can be fooled into thinking that the Fair Tax is actually fair. Half the work is already done – it’s been named the “fair” tax. If you capture the slogan (right-to-life, war on Christmas, etc.) you have a real head start on your marketing campaign.

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If I’m not mistaken (and I’m not), adultery made God’s top 10 “thou shalt not” list, along with coveting and murder, whereas homosexuality did not.

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A woman in Neb is suing “all homosexuals” …How bout suing all adulterers next while you’re at it…How bout all thieves? and murderers too? When did christians decide that homosexuality is the only sin? It’s not even included in the top 10.

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What is with the prejudice against native americans? They have been mistreated more than any other people in this country having their lands stolen, their children stolen, their religions made illegal, forced into camps, given diseases, and purged.

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So will the people who believe drawing a cartoon for a contest should not have happened because it would anger muslim extremists, also admit not handling things through legal channels in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc promoted burning, looting, and killing cops? All of these were considered freedom of speech and expression. So why is it okay to setup violence as a possibility in one case but not the other?

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Unless a group of people evolved from the dirt of the land or there was spontaneous human combustion, everyone immigrated from Africa to where they are now. Native just means you were born there, so I’m technically a Native American as well.

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The so called “native Americans” migrated from eastern Asia. Place an Oriental, extreme Eastern Russian, Alaskan native, American Indian, Central & South American native in a group, you can see the migration pattern.

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The multiculturalist progressive has been trying to sell us the scam that Islam is as docile as Zen Buddhism. But unlike Muhammad, the Buddha did go around killing people.