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If marriage is only legal between one man and one woman.Then why don’t those states where gay marriage is illegal have a law requiring proof of gender to get a license.

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When you realize that people are not blind , that they just don’t give a darn.You can free yourself from trying to change ,convince,nag,begothers ,or post on the vent all your complaints about everything in life .

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Again, the Freedom of Religion act does not prohibit service to gays. The Christians who were sued by the Government and gay activist groups did not want to participate in the marriage ceremony. They sold goods to the gay people prior and over many years with no issue, but they did not want to be part of the marriage ceremony because it was against their religious beliefs. There were many other flower shops, bakeries and venues offered to the gay couples, but they wanted to sue anyway.

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I posted a vent about politicians and political activists and got a score of “NAN”. Does that mean the vent editor is using word search to determine what is inappropriate? Seems like the readers left can make that decision.

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If our money or pledge said “In Mohammed We Trust” I think all those claiming that we should just shut up about “In God We Trust” would be singing a different tune.