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CNN is blaming the intended victims for the attempted terrorist attack in Garland. It’s like the idiots who say that a woman was asking to get raped because she wore a miniskirt.

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Admittedly, Dr. Carson lacks Hillary’s experience in taking bribes from foreign donors, using a private email account for official government business, and deleting the account to get rid of evidence.

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See, most of us liberals do not mind the vent using the word leftard or libtard (other than how it resembles a certain R word – and I do not mean Republican). We like to keep up vents that illustrate who the real name callers are and how their core arguments are made.

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Again, if Hillary has done anything wrong, prove it. The last Republican Congress that investigated the Clintons spent $ 100 million of our tax dollars and found nothing. Adjusted for inflation it would cost $200 million tax dollars for them to find nothing now.