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If the South is so racist why are there so few blacks in the North? Maine has less than 1% and there are many other Northern states that have very few who live there. Why?

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Sometimes something that is legal isn’t morally correct or good for people. Think how the women who think they’ve went in to have an abortion of ‘a blob of tissues’ has now found out that ‘blob’ had a heart,brain, arms & legs & its being sold on the open market.

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No market correction in 4 years. OMG! When it does correct, everybody panic and sell! Then I can buy more shares on sale. I love investors who make investment decisions based on the latest news and their emotions.

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Excuses are Tools of the Incompetent
Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent. Used to build monuments of nothingness. Those who excel in it seldom excel in anything else but excuses.

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Maybe it would help to realize that most people going to Stone Mountain, given the state of education in this country, don’t have a clue who the people in the carving are. If they do know, they don’t care. If it’s not one of the Kardashians, it’s not meaningful in their lives.

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As a traveling salesman I called on every kind of business you can name trying to sell my service. The best sign I ever saw behind the counter of a metro Atlanta auto parts store read ” We don’t care how you did it in New Jersey”.

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“Boehner cries during interview w/ Golf Channel. Apologizes, says he’s been in an “emotional sandtrap” lately.”

That’s what lack of nicotine does to you. He can’t smoke enough cigarettes to fulfill his need for more nicotine. The habit is as bad as a heroin habit.

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They may not be getting rich, but it actually pays pretty well. Just look at the pay scale if you don’t believe it.
I don’t have to; I’m one of them. The salary is OK but certainly not as good as private industry.

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So then everyone who refers to themself as an African-American has researched and knows their ancestors are from Africa? ——– No more than you have researched yours.

Exactly and I’ve never referred to myself as anything other than an American. If you were born and raised in a country, you can associate yourself to it. If not, remove your labels.

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“Government service is full of honest, hard-working employees. They’re certainly not in it for the money!”

There are certainly some hard working government employees. The problem is that what most of them are doing really isn’t necessary.

They may not be getting rich, but it actually pays pretty well. Just look at the pay scale if you don’t believe it.

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Regarding the postal worker who Dumped a package and was taped doing it. There are good postal workers and bad postal workers. It is almost impossible to get rid of a bad postal worker. I know because I have tried.