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(Democrats almost bankrupt the country) Hoover and W said that?! Surely you’re kidding!However ,it would stand to reason. Republicans are the biggest hypocrites on God’s green earth.

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With the reported attitude of people in Baltimore toward police they and any good law abiding people left should just leave. At the present level of animosity against police there is no saving Baltimore any more so lose something now or everything later.

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“Democrats almost bankrupt the country…”
Herbert Hoover, George W. Bush – that’s really the only response needed to that stupid statement.”

The only two Presidents is our history with business degrees. Shows what running the country like a business will do.

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If you live in any city sooner or later a cop will kill someone black and we will have another Ferguson or Baltimore. Knowing this will not prevent it any more than knowing terrorists wanted to again attack NYC could prevent 9/11 or knowing ISIS type terrorists keep planning attacks will be able to always prevent them here. People willing to die for their belief in their god have absolutely no reason to not act.

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it was Clinton and Jesse Jackson who thought everyone should be a homeowner. Throw in the crooked mortage industry backed by the u.S. treasury and yu see why we are in trouble.

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Person with trouble viewing the AJC- Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, that is your problem. IE is no good any more as a search engine. I have no trouble on the AJC site. I use Google Chrome.

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Here’s my experience each time I go to first the page freezes for several seconds; when it unfreezes, the page moves up and down rapidly. You finally click on a link and nothing happens, you click on the link again and a floating advertisement opens up or slides across the page. You try to close the advertisement and you’re taken to a different web page entirely. This happens so often, I can’t be the only one having these problems. There’s too much going on!

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Benghazi. I think the Venter meant that the cause of the bombing and deaths might have been minimized or prevented only with a huge security force, more than any other embassy,
Michael Morrell, CIA Director Tuesday night, said that the nearest U.S. planes were 3-5 hours away in Italy. One lesson from this is the U.S. should not even have an ambassador and staff in these types of unstable countries. The ambassador in Benghazi was warned and said he wanted to stay.

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Uh…the housing market issues were not the cause of the economic collapse but were a byproduct of it. Nice try to blame democrats by the party of personal responsibility though.