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I don’t think Martin Luther KING would approve of the leaders of the black community supporting thugs. He would try and prevent blacks from being thugs and criminals and killing each other

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It is really nice that Atlanta has added the pedestrian crosswalks. Maybe some day they will add street lights so drivers can actually see whether someone is in the crosswalk or not.

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Obama is President because he’s black? Dude, how bad does the Republican brand have to get for a proud warrior – tortured for his patriotism to get beat by a black community organizer, with the name Obama Hussein with no national experience and the black man lost every state with a large black population? Wake up and smell the coffee! Your party is the problem!

score -2

So do you think the Religious Freedom act would give the right for Extremest Muslims (read: ISIS, Taliban, etc.) to to some really pretty nasty things in the name of their belief? If not, maybe think again!