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How come the punk terrorist at Valdosta State has not been arrested yet? On camera he threatened to kill Americans. If he had threatened to kill gays or blacks or muslims would he still be running around free? He is a murderer in the making! Catch him please and put him under the jail!

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General Georges Sada, 2nd in command to Saddam, retired then recalled after Kuwait. Refused to kill pilots shot down in Persian Gulf War (Geneva Conv) so was relieved of command. Later became advisor for US. Bio and chemical WMD put on semi’s to border, loaded 727 and 747 with 56 flights to Syria as aid during flooding. Israel blew some up and Syria used some on their people. He discussed this with Senators. WMDs moved cause USA was coming!

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Yep. Liberals are so honest and trustworthy that they qualify for sainthood. They do not take foreign campaign contributions, and they did not have sex with that woman, nor did they lie to the American Public on live television about it…

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I told you before just let the R write the report to say what they want and save us the money. They intend to keep investigating it till they find something. Even if it isn’t true.

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Again, there is no record of Iraqi General George’s Sada testifying before Congress. He did write a book. I’m sure we all believe every word in every book but it is hardly proof of WMDs sufficient to kill and maim thousands of U.S. Soldiers.

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hey dummy, I know you plan to sit on your laurels all weekend watching people drive around in circles. PLEASE remember that it is a fast food drive through and not a pit stop! Watch out for children.