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I saw several Operation Blessing’s trucks heading down I-75 to assist with the Haiti earthquake. They have a high rating of 92%, the same as Doctors without borders. You cannot be political when overseas helping or you will get killed. I explained all this on youtube when I helped promote Doctors without Borders during the ebola crisis. What have you done to help lately?

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Just Great. I thought they removed that H-bomb two miles off Tybee Island. Now we are going to have terrorists hanging around our Georgia coast trying to salvage it to use on us. What happens if it goes off? Thank God Japan is a forgiving nation they have experience with this. Besides we owe them more money than we do to China. Can anybody say “crawl under your desk and cover your head”.

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Is this the same Operation Blessing that claimed to be sending food to Africa but their operations manager said the group was actually sending equipment for use in Pat Robertson’s diamond mines? There is a good documentary out on this that shows Robertson palling around with Colonel Théoneste Bagosora, who was an instrumental figure in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and was later sentenced to life imprisonment by the International Tribunal Court for Rwanda (ITCR).

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The America doctor and nurse that contracted ebola was with Samariatians Purse in Africa. They are Christians who are trying to help mankind, not kill them off.

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Mark Richt only made $2.81 million in 2008, but in 2014 he made $3.31 million. Now, there is just no denying this improvement happened while Obama was president.

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You do know that Christians sponsor the removal of landmines and dig water wells. Operation Blessings has an office in Nepal and Samaritians Purse has been on the frontlines of the earthquake since day one! Christians are the most giving people in the world. What was your information source? When you vent don’t tell stories.

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How could anyone be worse off since Obama took office unless they do not own any stocks or a home or have a job that in any way is impacted by a growing economy?

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Admittedly, the Republicans have been unable to fool all the people all the time, but they have been able to deceive a sufficient number of people a sufficient number of times.

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I’ve heard of some Christians who won’t sign treaties banning landmines, prevent water purification equipment from being imported to countries they don’t like; put the screws on the electorate of dictatorships, spend so they are the greatest purveyor of violence in the modern world, as one of their martyrs put it.

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Yes it has come true, Obama promised change. Change America he did. Everyone I know is worst off since he became president. I’ll wait for the expected liberal response “its all Bush’s fault” Seven years later that excuse doesn’t fly anymore