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As a centrist I strongly object to the far right republicans and the far left democrats. So far that is eliminating most candidates. The problem though comes if we end up with a far left and a far right where it is down to the lesser of two evils. Top no ways at present include Huckabee, Clinton, Cruz, Bush, Carson, etc. Please provide some real choices who can do sensible stuff and won’t try to rule us instead of leading.

score -1

Does Obama even listen to what he says? Why in the world would he say some of the stuff he does? National debt. More and more terrorists. Less freedoms because of EPA rules and IRS intrusions, failing health care system, travel is miserable due to searches, the economy sucks, etc.

score 10

in the enlightened age, people would gather to recite poetry or song or discuss books or politics. No one gathers now. No one can even memorize poetry or even have a grasps of proper grammar. All because their faces are always bent over a phone. No interaction with humans required.

score 2

Many of you don’t understand that when a black person lives in a community that is nearly 100% black, then they will commit crimes against blacks. Who else is there? They won’t drive across town to find white people for their crimes.

score -6

One of the most satisfying things about being a Republican is that we appointed most of the judges in this land. We don’t have to worry about whether or not justice is served; we just tell the judges what we want and out pops justice du jour

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Why would outsiders need to get involved for regular crime? It’s only when the people doing the killing are going to get away with it because they are part of the government that outsiders need to get involved.

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To be absolutely correct, the government spent all of the social security money and then replaced it with government bonds. You can debate if they are worth anything, but that is where the so called trust fund stands for social security.