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What motivation did Republicans have to work with the President or Democrats when they locked Republicans out of Obamacare committee sessions, shut down every bill when they controlled Congress no matter how good the bill, and stated they weren’t going to work with Republicans? –
Well when the Repubs said clearly they wanted him to fail its hard to imagine them contributing anything positive. Do you ask your enemies into the conversation when you are planning ? I think not.

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Well, things are certainly going to be different at the old Boy Scout Jamboree. I’ve pulled my son out of the organization.

That’s incredibly ignorant. Gay doesn’t mean pedophile while most pedophiles are heterosexual men. Why not let your son decide?

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Trump is known as a person who tells it like it is and, being a very successful businessman, can GET THINGS DONE. I don’t agree with, or even know, his stands on everything, but that aspect of him does have a certain appeal to it in this age when we desparately need to fix some badly broken things in this country.

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Can’t we say the same about Bush? I cannot remember him ever purposely harming anyone.
OMG you are either very young or just dumb. Bush KILLED tens of thousands of people with hiis made up war in Iraq including several thousand American warriors. Add to that the number of our wounded men and women. Ask yourself if Obama has done abything even approaching what W managed to do in terms of lives affected and lost not to mention the economic disaster he created around the world

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@WSB-TV reported a shooting on a MARTA train Saturday. When will this story show up in the AJC?

I read the story on the AJC. As well as, the arrest of the black male suspect being arrested.
But, thanks for playing!

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Don’t be comparing MARTA to a pickup truck with rebel flags! It’s a great way to get to work while you surf the web, drink a coffee, read a magazine…all without the worry of causing an accident or being in one due to distracted drivers. My employer decided to move our office OTP nowhere near a rail line which meant trading an easy train ride for plowing through godawful traffic and they wonder why employee moral went down.

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Well, things are certainly going to be different at the old Boy Scout Jamboree. I’ve pulled my son out of the organization.
Yes sir, the Council Fire’s at 8:00, Smore’s at 9:00, and then Barry White at 10:00.

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Why would you attach a fire hydrant directly to a 48″ water main? Shouldn’t you have used some sort of arrangement where, if the hydrant gets hit, the impact isn’t directly transmitted to the main and you endanger the entire county’s water supply?
They just want to be able to douse a fire from 6 miles away.

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So, if I work for a company which emits carbon and pollutes the environment, I can just say, “I didn’t create the job, I just do it” and that disassociates my connection? Good to know. ———-
– Understand this, if possible. I applied for a job,got hired to do the job. If I don’t do the job, I get fired. Thus letting down the family I chose to have. You not being able to understand that,is not on my list of priorities -

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On the gay scoutmasters: I raised a daughter. When she was, say, 10-16 years old, we were very careful. We would never have let her go off on a camping trip with a straight man and three or four other girls. This was no insult to men; it was common sense. Some men might have been okay, but we weren’t taking chances. Why is it that the same common sense is not allowed when openly, aggressively gay men want to be on such intimate terms with young boys

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It is hard to imagine Hillary’s server being more vulnerable than the government data bases. I am one of the millions of federal employees and retirees who are getting free credit protection because of a hack. For some reason my wife’s data in my retirement files is not being protected.

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McConnell just said it but he was speaking for most Republicans. It was a deliberated strategy, not just a belief. –
Exactly my point Republicans ALL wanted the president to fail and had a strategy to do. How very patriotic of them on the heels of Bush’s economic collapse and phoney unfunded wars!