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When parents of a delinquent defend their warped offspring and ignore the facts about their criminal brood…then it is the parents who are partly to blame for the results!

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Im gettin a little more than fed up with parents making excuses for their no good kids who havent been taught or told that when someone of authority thats wearing a uniform, has a badge, and is carrying a gun, its for a reason.
if youre not doing anything wrong,
you have nothing to worry about.

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So Obama was playing golf in Florida at hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers money. Why is he not concerned with all the mess in the Middle East with conflicts everywhere? Bush quit playing golf after 9/11.

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The vent censors also don’t like the amount of money Deal was feted to in New Orleans. Gets sent back as profanity. To which I also say, it IS profane that they spent that much money bribing our governor

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Ive lived in atlanta for over 25 years and Ive never been more nervous as when I drove downtown on 85 south today, monday around 12 noon.
what in the heck is wrong with people driving their cars like its a video game.

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i used to read The Vent on line as well as the print version. This new version was designed by the devil. doubt I wll bother any more as the format ,together with several vents being repeated several times makes it too frustrating. it wasn’t broke sonwhy try to fix it?

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My vent was accepted, but disappeared after being posted. It was replaced by no less than four postings of the same vent. You think this vent column isn’t screwed up?