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Parties in congress are just as bad in picking their leaders as the voters who pick their representation. When you compare the house and the senate, it is clear that many house representatives are too far off center to win state-wide.

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Fox News covers a wide cross section of conservative opinion. Deep in my heart I hope the Fox News liberal contributors do not fairly represent liberalism. Excerpt for the voters who only look for (D) on the ballot, I cannot believe liberals are that single-minded.

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Faux News People. You have the most viewers in the USA ON CABLE. You’re FAR behind the network news of all three networks, and CNN kicks some major… you-know-what everywhere else in the world. Enjoy your validation as wanna-bes

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Ummm 1st: Fox NEWS is not a Network
2: Fox News is a Cable News SHOW. It does not cover “the news.” It covers what it wants to and makes editorial comments that may or may not be the truth.
3: ABC, NBC, And CBS ALL individually beat Fox News Show.
4: Facts don’t matter until the referee (broadcast news) speaks… and sometimes they screw up, like Tom Brokaw, so GET OVER YOURSELVES.

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Posting a vent is already enough of a waste of time, so I’m not inclined to invest more time to send it to social media. If my friends start sending me vents on social, I’ll ask them to knock it off.

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The only highlight of seeing my extended family this past week at a funeral is the confirmation that avoiding them at all costs is the best decision I ever made.