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well Obama and his party don’t have to ask for handouts, all their rich wall street friends and Hollywood types and people like Bill and Hillary Clinton gives their party all the money they need. By the was, what could Bill possibly say in a speech that is worth 500k?

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Hey, “over 66% of our budget goes to entitlement programs” person – check it out – that includes Social Security and Medicare. Ask the people on Social Security and getting Medicare if they think they are on “entitlement” programs. I dare you.

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if food stamps and unemployment is insufficient, then by golly get out and find a job, according to Obama, and I know every word out of his mouth is the truth, unemployment is way down and companies are hiring.

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In a recent test the Airport Security folks missed 96% of the threats that came through their gates. But on the bright side, they annoyed, disturbed, harrassed or otherwise delayed 100% of American air travelers, so it all evens out, I guess.

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given that the democrats have been in power for the past seven years, 66% of our total budget goes to entitlement programs, the national debt is now over 18 trillion dollars and still climbing every day, Obama and his thugs are in power, I guess to you die hard liberals can’t face up to those facts.

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when you badmouth FOX news, I know right away you have never watched it. First of all they present both sides of a story, also they have left and right guest on their show all the time. so why do bash them, is it because they happen to be the number one station in he world?

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(About school prayer)A minister opened my eyes many years ago. If you allow Christians to pray,then you’ve got to let Muslims,Jews,and even satanist have their prayer also. Sorry to burst the bubble of conservatives. After all, it is the way the Founding Fathers set things up.

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Given that food stamps and employment benefits are insufficient to feed, clothe, and house a family of 4 and given that the Republicans make being lazy sound so luxurious, I want to know where I can sign up for that program.

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Don’t you just hate those ideas of keeping more of the money you earn,smaller less wasteful government,strong National defense,abide by the constitution.Gotta love those crazy ideas.