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I feel sorry for girls who have mothers who do not stand against any entity or person who believes guys and girls are not equal. You can start with pretty much all religions, and particularly ISIS type muslims. How many beyond oh so sad did anything about kidnapped and abused girls in Africa or the Middle East? In general in the world you are not as valued as guys. And how many women do you know who realy really want a son?

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You know the student who picks fights, argues, never does a bit of work and believes his low grades are everyone else’s fault but his own? Mom and dad can now enjoy his company ALL SUMMER LONG.

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So I will only believe those in power actually believe global warming is dire and serious when at least a couple of things happen. Laws are enacted to stop the wealthy from flying willy nilly all over the world in private planes; a maximum house size is mandated to prevent overuse of resources and power based on occupant numbers; landscape is restricted to what is appropriate for the area; population reduction to save the planet and resources is law.

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The Duggars might be successfully raising 19 children…but that’s due to exploiting their freakshow as reality TV fodder and financing their escapade in the tabloids.

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There will be at least one thing in your life for which you will need forgiveness, mercy, and grace. And you’ll be more likely to receive it if you’ve given it freely over the years.

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It seems the duggars are doing a fine job of raising their 19 kids but I’m I the only one that thinks it is a sin overpopulating our world like that? What if everybody did that!?

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Although Brewers pitcher Will Smith is a GA resident, his behavior after having been caught violating MLB regulations shows a complete lack of accountability – his “being stupid” meter must have pegged out during his emotional outburst.