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Yeah, probably ought to keep thinking and gossiping about Bruce Jenner, the Kardashians, political positions 50 years ago, etc. Important issues that will save the planet.

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Please read my lips. The 1960 Dems who were against the Civil Rights Act were Southern Conservatives and were not bashful of showing they were racist. Most later became Republicans. Remember the Dixiecrats?

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Well, I guess the long view of how the CIA thought of reducing the planet population is going well. Keep the public enthralled in non-issues while the numbers are reduced by feuding religious freaks, GMOs, lack of effective medical care and pollution. How about some secretive birth control CIA?

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This country will never come together as long as women aren’t paid equal to men and as long as there aren’t jobs with decent pay. We all do better when we all do better.

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NASA Scientist John L. Casey: advisor to two presidents, Pres. of Space & Science Research, CEO of Intl. volcano & earthquake prediction center, etc, states that we are entering another ice age and that manmade carbon is not responsible. Another cool summer works for me!

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Maybe when you’ve finished studying New Orleans’ schools you can study Tennessee’s DOT Governor Deal. No state income tax, lower fuel tax and roads that aren’t crumbling like ours.

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This country will never come together as long as people expect to live off the labor of others. You have an equal opportunity to make yourself a valued employee or start your own business. After that, it’s all up to you. You are not entitled to an equal lifestyle.

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So those in sciences of weather and climate can’t forcast the weather for a local area four hours in advance, but insist they know what the global average temperature will be to a tenth of a degree in a hundred years. How far out must a projection be to magically become correct?

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A couple of hundred years ago American people came together and formed a great country. It is very sad today to see that most in this great country can’t get together on anything. Male vs female, black vs white, republican vs democrat. Are we not all American, wanting the same freedom, chance, ability to have a decent life?

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Can’t wait to see the advise that Bruce will be giving the republicans.I am sure they can’t wait to help gay’s get married and transgender have medical care.

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Liberals do not hold themselves out to be saints. They do not wrap themselves in Family values and hold themselves to this higher standard. Then the republicans are caught with Mistresses and having their girl friends have abortions. Or maybe they get caught with their boy friends.

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There are many reasons why the black doesn’t play baseball… of course it’s easy to scream about racial negativity. Gee, I figure there are just other more interesting choices. But, to counter the usual ‘white hate’ excuses- consider that baseball has always had strong father/son ties. With the removal of the need for the black father as monthly Great Society government checks kicked in in the late 60s… count ahead 18 years, and see that baseball’s black percentage peaked in 1981. Voila!