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Amazing how fast these liberal reporters become conservatives after taking a bottle or rock to the head. It’s all fun and games, til you are trying to stop the bleeding.

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Regan was a president who cut taxes and increased the debt to pass it on to future generations instead of paying as we went. -

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144 vehicles burned and 15 buildings burned down including a 16 million dollar Senior Citizen facility all in name of civil rights protest. Pitch me is this really 2015 or am I living in 1968 ???

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The right to protest in the U.S. should be suspended until meetings with all governors and mayors of every state are given refresher courses concerning our present laws. It is presently Unlawful to block and street or impede traffic, deter any business or it’s surrounds, act in a violent manner, or incite a riot. You must have a preapproved location for a demonstration or protest. The street marches must stop.

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They are ripping out all of the 100 year old oak trees from the recently removed apartment site in Buckhead. The new $750k+ condos will offer such amenities as artfully placed images of trees in the pool lounge to remind the occupants of what they looked like.

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…for the methinker, you should probably spend more time thinking. The trickle down theory can’t benefit the super rich because that’s where the opportunity would come from. The idea would be to benefit non-thinkers.

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…the fair tax is as wonderful an idea now, as it was when I first heard about it years ago. An even better idea would be to eliminate the federal income tax as a whole. The government should go back to its original purpose which was border security and to enforce contracts. Nothing else.

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Thirty years ago we were the most upwardly mobile country of the industrialized world. That is to say one could move out of poverty if he worked hard and went to college. Now we are the LEAST able to change classes. Methinks Trickle Down has not worked for anyone but the very rich.

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Again, if you are a person with a “paycheck” as opposed to a person who has great wealth, then you will be paying for the government under the “flat” tax. The people who make their money by actually “working” for it, as opposed to having money work for them, are the net losers.

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The FairTax is not “another sales tax”. It only adds a sales tax as it removes the Income Tax, Witholding Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes and many more types of Federal Tax. It REPLACES those. Thats a fundamental part of HR25, The FairTax Bill. Look at your paycheck gross amount, before all the taxes are withheld. That gross amount will be your take home pay under The FairTax. Study before you Vent!

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One group of people in this country love to loot, burn, and riot. Then they blame someone else. When are the civilized people in the US going to say enough is enough.