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Hillary will be the sole focus of Republicans. They have already owned up to whom they are terrified of, Elizabeth Warren. She is for breaking up the mega banks, knows where all their skeletons are hidden and is whip smart on legal matters. The Republicans will be very sorry they pitched such a fit about her nomination to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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Please leave the Clintons alone about all that stuff. They are far too busy to be bothered. Harassing them over plebeian details is interfering with destiny. Although, when it arrives, their destiny might be very disappointing compared to what they think they deserve.

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Anyone who votes Republican in the Presidential election is an idiot. They crushed the country last time, have no new ideas and will do the same thing again if we are stupid enough to put them back in charge.

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Is Obama on Michelle’s diet? At the rate he is losing weight he might perish before he can finish his term. Bill Clinton should take him out for a cheeseburger.

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Voting down any spell-check hall monitor is necessary to free up some space in the vent. If the vent gets its message across good enough. We don’t need an anal-compulsive whawha desparate to show their superiority.

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Why is it that the news stations seem to give Hillary a pass on all the things that anyone else would be immediately fired for? A little bit of favoritism?

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Wait 10 years and see what history says about Obama. Over half of the population disagrees with virtually everything he does, Being black and disliking American superiority will be his only legacy.

score 7

It’s pitiful that Bruce Jenner is front page news…where has this society sunk. Renee Richards made the same decision years ago, but we had the taste and integrity to be discrete.

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What flies all over me is all the idiots that actually believe all the lies the Clinton’s and for that matter most of the Democratic Party tell and fall for! I can only hope, before the next election that these morons will wake up and educate themselves!

score 11

Now we are going to fix our US hostage policy by having more rules and regulations.I say we fix it by killing the Islamic jihadist’s that took the hostages in the first place.