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300 million Americans and take a look at who we have now for President. The only thing we really know about his background is what he has told us. The rest, just a mystery.
Takes a bit of mass delusion for a nation to elect such an unknown character as that.

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There were National Security briefings offered to Bush. He didn’t have time for them. There was tons of chatter. Nine months was plenty of time to figure it out. If Obama had done what Bush “didn’t” do you would have been all over him.

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Bush was in office 9 months when 9/11 happened, they have been planning it for years, under Bill Clinton who treatded the first World trade bombing like a local crime.

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The problem with saying the Iraq War was a mistake is that we can’t know what would have happened if we had not stopped Saddam. He was rogue and ruthless, had a large powerful military that had, and used, chemical weapons. He controlled billions in oil dollars and felt entitled to control all the Middle East and its oil. Most people agree he also had a lust for acquiring nuclear weapons. Stopping him may have been one of the best things our nation has ever done. For us and for the Planet.

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Congratulations, folks!

One less car to contented with on I-75.

Atlanta rush hour traffic has finally gotten the better of me.

I just can’t do it anymore.