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Of course conservatives think looting pension funds is good, their last presidential nominee was a serial pension looter and at least three current GOP presidential candidates used state pension funds to pay back their political sugar daddies.

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You can’t have it both ways. The right is criticizing the President for leaving Iraq too soon and today he didn’t leave soon enough. Thousands died…because of Obama…now you’re just making things up.

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Woke up and read the news, now I am sad. What has happened in this country. Do we not teach history in school. Why does it seem that many people seem to think that everything that happens is the worst, or first time something has happened? Or are they just trying to get attention by being more sensationalist than everyone else?

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Our new Senator has proposed raising the taxes on those Baltimore rioters and lowering corporate taxes. Now that is true genius and definitely will work to ‘share the wealth’ and improve the country in every aspect.

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If you want to stop these school bus incidents from happening where drivers speed by or ignore the stop sign used by school buses, the smart thing to do would be to let the stops be on side streets and not main roads where heavy traffic is. Education 101

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There were plenty of black clergy and black leaders denouncing strongly the violence in Baltimore last night. Stop watching only FOX News and you might see those people on other newscasts.

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Obama lied and thousands died, soldiers, innocent women & children…so you might want to back off placing blame on Bush. Obama PROMISED to end the wars but ramped them up in Iraq & Afghanistan and then drone bombed Syria….

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The millennials attending the Inman Park Festival did not seem to get the Pope’s message on the environment. Cigarette butts, Styrofoam cups and plates, plastic beer cups everywhere. Are their mothers still cleaning their bottoms?

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“Well, Well the chickens done come home to roost ! “….quote of REV. Jerimiah Wright…..guess it’s official BALTIMORE is Detroit EAST….Love that progressive leadership in Detroit, Mich. WEST and the wisdom of progressive Baltimore Mayor Stephanie.

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I sympathize with those protesting Baltimore police brutality. However, those rioting, looting and burning down of businesses do not realize that many watching those events unfold think police are justified. It looks like a bunch of thugs and hooligans and police have to use force to combat the violence.

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The rioters in Baltimore are nothing more that thugs & lawbreakers. They have no interest in justice. They are just looking for an excuse to rob, steal and destroy. The media, of course legalizes this law-breaking.

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The black citizens of Baltimore complain about their treatment at the hands of the of Baltimore but all the council men, mayor & those in leadership are black, so why the continued blaming of whites or ‘the man’?