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I got really high once and saw “the Space between Things… I got a teeny weeny bit stoned and I could instantly compose and conduct a “full orchestra”. Why isn’t marijuana studied and legal here?

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In an article written President Obama said he had a “profound respect” for the nation’s hunting traditions and that to dismiss them out of hand in the course of the debate would be “a big mistake”.

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Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I hate you or want bad things to happen to you & yours. That type mentality would be ignorant, immature and mean.

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“I hope that the dentist( very very sick individual) loses his practice, loses everything in life that is precious to him, especially his money.”

So you want him to lose everything precious to him? there are innocent family members & children that had nothing to do with what he did & you want them to suffer & die? That is what you are saying & that is as bad as what he did.