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Those at the top get the big salaries because they’ve been successful in keeping you folks at the bottom from organizing. – What yourvexcise forbtho ones at the top of union, shill?

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Presidents of the state universities have received large salaries for several years. Not so much for the instructors. I still haven’t figured out what causes tuition to be so high. It just jumped again a few months ago.
This is the same with big corporations- CEO, CFO, COO, VPsget big salaries, raises, bonuses and the res of us are lucky to get between 1% and 3% raise for the past 12 years.
I’m ready to march. Who wants to join me?

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Democrats/Liberals love poor people because they drink the cool aid and vote for the empty promises of the Democrats. They promise to punish the evil rich and give more to the pitiful poor while they are actually creating more poor.

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Judges got 10 % Just influential Republicans taking care of influential Republicans
Georgia Tech’s president received a 97% raise, Georgia State’s, 39% and UGA’s, a 43% raise from the Board of Regents. Their staffs received a 3% raise after years of no pay increases. There is a disconnect here. It seems “integrity” was not taught when these people were being trained for their present positions. I once heard integrity is what you do when no one is looking…well, they just showed us.

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God bless little children while they are still too young to hate. Children do not tease unless they learn to tease. Everything a person does is a learned behavior, so maybe we all need to look at where we learned our behavior, and think about what we are teaching our children.

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Evidently the censor guards are not that strict. You got through your little jab. Do you feel better?

Now the debate coach is working and the coach says that when you called someone a derogatory name just now, you immediately lost the debate. Facts, not name calling.

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Fatness is normalized? I don’t think so. Children are still teased for being over weight. My 7th grade child is teased because he is shorter than some, but he has not gone through puberty yet. Children still know what fat is.

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THE TRUTH: How dare Ron Paul tell the truth about ISIS after the Republicans had agreed again to use a bogus lie about how ISIS got started. I have heard the GOP tell some of the biggest whoppers over and over again as a talking point, yet not one of them squealed. Paul, turn in your GOP membership data along with your lie prerogative card.

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Why do different radar images look so different? I look at WSB TV2 and it looks like we are about to die due to terrible storms, but at the same time, the weather channel radar looks like it is just a light to moderate rain? could one or more TV stations be trying to gain viewers by scaring us? Oh my, not to worried about the actual truth, just want more viewers for more ad money. Very sad