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Yea , I remember we had this crazy dude who use to slick his hair down with hair gel, play as a cowboy a lot in the movies, was on TV/Movies, clueless, had no experience, just a loud mouth, and always answered questions very quickly. Old fart was President 2 terms….Donald, I mean Ronald Reagan.

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Wow the KKK has got so creative, they bribe the Black officers in Baltimore, New York “I can’t breathe”, and the black jailers in Wagner Texas to look the other way and not speak up while the white “PO-PO” lynch the poor innocent African- American victims of society.

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Remember “Black Lives Splatter” just look on the back pages of the news, Detroit, Chicago, Stockton, Atlanta, Philly, and who could forget St. Louis. Hot weekend coming better have the ambulances gassed up , funeral homes ready, extra yellow police tape.

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So, to build the Republican border wall, will the property be seized from its owners by imminent domain, who will patrol the wall, what will prevent illegals from flying into the country on an airplane, how do you protect the borders that are oceans and rivers, what about work and student visas that are legally given but the people don’t go home when they expire and who will pay for the wall and where will the money come from?

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Regarding the postal worker who Dumped a package and was taped doing it. There are good postal workers and bad postal workers. It is almost impossible to get rid of a bad postal worker. I know because I have tried.

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They may not be getting rich, but it actually pays pretty well. Just look at the pay scale if you don’t believe it.
I don’t have to; I’m one of them. The salary is OK but certainly not as good as private industry.

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“Boehner cries during interview w/ Golf Channel. Apologizes, says he’s been in an “emotional sandtrap” lately.”

That’s what lack of nicotine does to you. He can’t smoke enough cigarettes to fulfill his need for more nicotine. The habit is as bad as a heroin habit.