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Inner city Atlanta your next in the hall of shame…Detroit and Baltimore …..hmm lets not forget Chicago….fine examples of 50 years of moving forward progressive DEMOCRATIC non leadership .

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I hear some are blaming the police for the shooting of the woman who shot at them in the back of the police car…word to you all: male police officers are not allowed to search females too aggressively, they are only allowed to use their fore arms & cannot touch the breasts or private areas of a female suspect. They have to wait until a female officer arrives. So if the suspect had the gun hidden between her breasts or crotch they could not search for it.

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A little advice for all of you who bash police officers, next time you or any of your family members are in a car accident, or need emergency help or are being attacked,raped, robbed or beaten by criminals or have any other emergency don’t call the police, call someone to protest on your behalf.

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Nice to know that Georgia is leading the nation in something very impressive and important. Prison reform. Many thanks to Governor Deal and his team for that. Please continue this groundbreaking work.