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Maybe the economy would look better to you if you would get some education so that you do not have to flip burgers for a living just like you were doing when Bush left office.

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So Obama says he has returned the US to the most respected country on earth??? Really? Our allies don’t trust us nor respect us and our enemies are certainly not scared of us. O is delusional as usual.

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So DELTA is now messing with improving their boarding process.. such idiots. Why don’t they just admit Southwest has a better process. Copy it and let the first bag fly free. that keeps folks from carrying on so much crap trying to save the $25 bag fee. Faster departure times will far outway the money taken in from the first bag..

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Clinton left the economy in surplus. We were actually starting to pay off the national debt. Bush inherited a great situation and left the economy in shambles. Obama inherited a mess and the economy is greatly improved. Your economic knowledge appears to be severely lacking.

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nobody I know hates Obama because he is black, we hate him for what he has done to our country, there is no fool as blind as one who does not see, Is race relations better today, NO, is the economy better today NO, are more people on well fare today YES foreign relations better?NO. nothing he has done in the past seven years has been very good for this nation. only a fool would think otherwise.

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The only difference between the Honey Boo Boo franchise and the Kardashian franchise is money. That, and Momma June’s backside being smaller than Kim’s.