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At Maynard Jackson HS, the principal cut the band teaching position. Many students were placed in the band and orchestra classes because they did not have a place to put them for an elective. So instead of building the band with interesting students, they used it as a dumping ground. Also, many students were placed in foreign language classes although they read at the 2nd and 3rd grade level. They pretend a lot is going on at that school, but they are only trying to build the IB program. Why?

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If you actually read the Bible you would know that It refers to other humans other than Adam and Eve, when they were created by God. The implication is that the others were not created by Him.

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We started with Adam and the people of Nod. Eve was propagated from Adam’s rib tissue so his race could reproduce. His offspring bred with the heathenistic Nods.

score -3

There are lies such as “I could eat a horse” which people may say to emphasize a point. Then, there are lies such as “Iraq has yellow cake and is in the process of building nuclear weapons” that get thousands of American soldiers killed and maimed. I’ll go out on a limb and say that the latter is the worse lie.