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“GA Cities Growing Slowly, But Don’t Panic”. What do you mean don’t panic? I am thrilled! Why do we have to get bigger and bigger? Why can’t we stay large enough for some amenities, but small enough to stay pleasant? The traffic alone is killing our quality of life, as it is.

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Be forewarned!!!!!! Don’t let this gorgeous last couple of years and quiet hurricane seasons lull you into complacency!! Since we can’t fool Americans anymore, let’s go to the less enlightened in the world and turn them against the evil capitalists !

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The Clinton Slush Fund shows bubba made a speech to the government of Thailand while Hillary was SOS for $500 grand. You can bet the fee is not the only thing bubba got.

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I know, it is History and it can be quite dry and dull reading at times, but before you opine about Hoover, perhaps you should read some and find out what really brought about the Crash of ’29. You might just find that Hoover was handed a “Turkey” when he assumed the Office of President, and he then followed Keyenesian principles while trying to stave off the financial meltdown. Which, of course, only made things worse. But, then, Democrat logic always does.

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Well? Where are all the comments about those biker murderous thugs being white? Huh? Quick to condemn black rioters angry about police brutality, but white bikers—no comments?

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Go on all you want. Countless investigations. Countless tax dollars wasted investigating her…nothing found. Apparently you are smarter than your Republicans in Congress because they haven’t found anything.

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You don’t think Hillary lied? How about Bosnia, Benghazi, who she was named for, Grandparent immigrants , Rose Law firm papers, being fired from Watergate commission for lying, Should I go on?

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If you people would stop hopping back and forth from one lane to the next like jack rabbits on meth we’d all get home sooner. And safer. Pick a lane and stay in it!

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What is the point in having HOV lanes active 24 hours a day other than revenue collection? In more enlightened areas HOV is active only during the rush hours.

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Four people were killed at Benghazi. Hillary Clinton was a world away. We are now into 5 republican Investigations. 2977 Americans were killed on 9/11 on your Republican watch. No investigations. Maybe it it time to bring some Republican skeletons to light.

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Apparently you get what you give. If all you do is criticize the President, especially with something as rediculous as this…it is you that is the jerk. Not him.

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Billary and facts. She doesn’t need facts, she has the lamestream media. Benghazi – it was a video – why lie when you know the truth – cause you are a Clinton – you’re pathological.