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Another DC Sniper, this time in Colorado (Windsor)

To the tune See The USA in Your Chevrolet

Colorado highways, roads to early graves.
Another psycho shooter on the loose.
Remember DC town, lots of folks went down.
By human train wrecks lacking a caboose.
In old Windsor town, gone are smiles for frowns.
I hope a posse pops this clown.

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If everybody got the same share of everything, our standard of living would nosedive. Why would risk-taking super-achievers boost the economy if their families were allotted $100K? Some would have no incentive to work at all and might even turn to crime to get more .

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By using shotgun approaches rather than pinpointing actual problems, governments makes bad worse while helping few if any. In the past is was mere bad judgement but with Obama it smacks of revenge, which he chooses to call ‘fundamental fairness’.

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The New Faces of Fascism–Hitler style—are white Conservatives sitting comfortably at their computers and pounding away at all opinions opposite to their distorted hatred of anybody and everybody unlike their own miserable selves.

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When Germany attacked Poland—Other peoples’ war. When Germany overran Europe–Other peoples’ war. When Germany bombed England–Other people’s war. When 911 happened, that was OUR war. So, I guess the terrorists should just overrun other countries to stage attacks on YOU and Me–because that’s Other peoples’ war?

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The new Pop Goes the Weasel

You want to pop a lefty stooge.
Then try this on for size.
Pro Choice? Okay!
Say hello to JOSE!
Hispanics—the only ones ALIVE!

And when it comes to guns have some fun.
Ask him if women should FIGHT BACK.
When they’re attacked
And tossed on their back.
Lefty implodes,
won’t come back.

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Democrats had a clear motive of messing with health coverage of the ‘haves’ to help the ‘have nots’ when they passed Obamacare without a single republican vote. Adding much higher minimum wages to the forced heath coverage will convert many from’ have little’ to jobless .

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I am absolutely FOR emigration, legal emigration, because this country needs people with more than one-sided opinions and life-styles. Provincial attitudes just cause stagnation and discord.

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Don’t attack the coal and gas industry! Almost ALL politicians depend on them for PAC money, along with the insurance and drug companies. They also supply huge sources of revenue for radio and television with ads defending environmental pollution.

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Explain to me, why as a nation we have not taken advantage of magnetic energy. It’s the energy source of the future. After all WE have Georgia Tech. Georgia has some of the smartest kids in the world! Let’s JUST DO IT! Of course we’ll have to out vote the power and gas lobbies. Wake up Georgia, let’s stand together and be proud!

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“Happy Memorial Day” sounds all wrong, I’ve tried ” Have a rememberable Memorial Day” but soooo long. What would be appropiate to say considering how many have died for our beloved country, any suggestions?