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Republicans give out money, even if they have to borrow it. See every Republican Administration since Eisenhower. The difference is… You like the people they give it to.

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Nothing wrong with Southern Baptists. They serve fantastic fried chicken at revivals. Their only shortcoming is they never make love standing up.. People might mistake it for dancing?

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Give Bill Torpy a bike and put him in the AJC delivery department.. THEN the delivery problems will get straightened out! He can still write great columns in his spare time. Might want to hire him as proofreader too AJC needs some cleanup there also.

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You’re complaining about taxes being raised on hard working tax payers? You should be an Obama fan. Where were you when the pres was trying to raise taxes on the wealthy but blocked by the GOP??? Some venters have no earthly idea of what’s really going on.

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The Atlanta situation is different. And people are not stupid. They realize that sometimes force is needed. I think the ones that are obsessed with race,are racist themselves.

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8:30 on Sunday Morning and waiting for my home delivery of the AJC (again).. Spoke to my friends at the Bangladesh call center.. very nice folks. They promised to wake up my carrier (again) and send him out before noon. Thanks again Raj!