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You should see the vents of mine that get flagged by the Vent Nazi. In no way do they have profanity or any vulgarity. But that is why he is called the Vent Nazi.

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Given the enormous size of Mayor Reed’s ego, I am not surprised by his refusal to let Atlanta help in making the Nobel Summit a success. He must not have gotten to be the host, or receive special treatment, or to sit with the honorees. Sad!

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Southsiders, please try to consider the small children at your local parks when blaring obscene rap songs on LOUDSPEAKERS! Little League children should not have to hear your filth.

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When I was growing up in N. Ga. in the 1950’s, if your car didn’t stop for the police, they shot your tires out. That worked well, and I don’t know why they stopped doing that. It would have worked in the recent Maserati police shooting, too.