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Run as a Democrat and you can include wild women, graft, corruption, and vote buying in with the mix.
Oh! Do you mean like the Republican former House Speaker, Dennis Hastert? Yeah right! There goes you credibility for that stupid statement!

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Corporations and landlords are going to pay certain taxes even if their products are not selling. For example, they will pay property tax, payroll tax and sales tax on purchases. If they are fortunate enough to make a profit, then they can worry about income tax.

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You can’t help but wonder about those who vote down factual vents responding to a non factual vent. Like it or not or understand it or not, makes no difference. Corporations, businesses, and landlords do not pay taxes. What taxing them will do is increase the cost of what you buy or rent since ALL costs of doing business are passed through to the customer or renter and you pay more.

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I heard various analysts give possible reasons why some of the many people are considering entering the Republican race for POTUS, even thought they don’t stand a chance. So I think I’ll run for U.S. President as a Republican. It might be fun experience to mingle with the Secret Service agents. Engage in some drinking games and wild car rides.

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I live in Cobb County and we had a great company called NuSkin the minute that their tax breaks were over they moved to another state who would give them next tax breaks.

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At the latest UN score card for human rights, the US didn’t fare so well. OK, so maybe it’s a bit ironic to have personal freedom protections questioned by North Korea. But country after country echoed the same concerns: Systematic abuse of police power especially against minorities and people of color. Continued use of the death penalty. Failure to close the Guantánamo Bay facility Inadequate protections for migrant workers and indigenous people

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Atlanta will become will become more bike-friendly when bikers learn to stay in their lane and obey traffic laws like stopping at red lights and stop signs, and waiting their proper turn to go at the lights and stop signs!!!

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Re: Waving Taxes, I worked for one of the 2 major U.S. telecommunications corporations. The CFO decided to consolidate all Finance positions in the U.S. for the company. Those of us in Alpharetta had to move or loose our job, because Lake Mary, Florida offered the best tax incentives in the U.S. I did not want to live in the sinkhole and black bear bite capital of the world, so I found another job.

If the Venter would move from just FOX News, he would find an abundance of other facts.

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The most disturbing thing about the person who thought it was a Democrat thing in NY to wave 10 yrs of taxes for a business to move there, is they will spread the incorrect facts about it to other people and those people will perpetuate a lie. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

Read your local newspaper. Don’t just listen to FOX.

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Thank you to the Venter who reminds us that our friends can do wrong and we can still love them and hug them and even support them through dark days. You’ve restored my faith in humanity.

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I have to wonder if this nurse even exists and, if so, what they professed to make on their loan application. It’s easier to prove a point when you make up things.

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A lot of states, run by D’s and R’s, go for the tax giveaways to attract business. GA will pay a business to move from NY, NY will pay a business to move from OH and OH will pay a business to move from GA, so you’re right back where you started. The only real beneficiaries are the businesses.

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Hey idiot media types! Just because a friend and co-worker MAY be guilty of a crime, does not mean that friend should throw rocks at them! You can still hug a friend even if you think he did something bad – and show professional courtesy.