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In Baltimore the grand jury members just rubber stamps what the DA wants, that does NOT mean their guilty

Your ignorance of Baltimore is second only to your ignorance of English.

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The DA in Baltimore is doing OK so far. The Grand Jury brought indictments against all six charged. That wasn’t a slam dunk when you’re talking about police committing crimes.

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There is a group that has set up in a strip mall with a sign outside that says they are the US Post Office. They are taking your packages, supposedly to mail, but I think they are really just keeping all the stuff.

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Bush is the drunk driver I was referring to. His crime made it necessary to obtain permission to enter Canada. Drunk driving is the only thing he did before becoming POTUS, ditto for community organizer and FORMER SENATOR Obama.

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A pair of men, dressed in clothing with AT&T logos and with official-looking I.D. cards, are signing up people for AT&T U-Verse but are really just getting personal information like Social Security numbers. Don’t be fooled!

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Let’s carry our “let’s see” examination a little further….Fox News has Roger Ailes as its president. Ailes was a spin doctor for Nixon, Reagan and Bush. He’s been a Republican operative almost all his life. He’s the band director at Fox. Slant much?