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Former radio talk-mister has reported that he once owned homes in Atlanta and Florida, owns an airplane,a Mercedes,a motorhome, shops often for jewelry, eats at Atlanta’s top restaurants,travels frequently and says the tax system is unfair.If only it was that unfair to the rest of us.

score -2

Straight men? What is all this focus on Jenner about? And what is the big concern with what types of men there are in the gay community? Seriously, what difference does it make to you if you aren’t play in those bedrooms? By the way, there are just as many varieties of men and women in the gay and transgender communities as in the straight. FYI, some kids are born both male and female so at some point decide on a sex means surgery is needed at some point.

score 3

in the enlightened age, people would gather to recite poetry or song or discuss books or politics. No one gathers now. No one can even memorize poetry or even have a grasps of proper grammar. All because their faces are always bent over a phone. No interaction with humans required.

score 1

Many of you don’t understand that when a black person lives in a community that is nearly 100% black, then they will commit crimes against blacks. Who else is there? They won’t drive across town to find white people for their crimes.

score -4

One of the most satisfying things about being a Republican is that we appointed most of the judges in this land. We don’t have to worry about whether or not justice is served; we just tell the judges what we want and out pops justice du jour

score -2

Why would outsiders need to get involved for regular crime? It’s only when the people doing the killing are going to get away with it because they are part of the government that outsiders need to get involved.