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If you have never heard screaming by a policeman who you think might shoot your little white grandmother for going 50 in a 35 ,then you would not understand the need for protesting bad police actions .

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I am not an idiot and have read the fair tax proposal. It is a 22 % consumption tax. The middle class has to spend everything they make to live. The obscenely rich only spend a fraction of what they make. Corporations are exempt from the tax as are investment and dividend income. Any way you spin it the middle class takes it in the rear. It is however, a trust fund conservative’s dream.

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In a recent Bloomberg poll 73% of americans incorrectly said that the Federal budget deficit has gotten bigger under Pres Obama.

In Fact, the deficit has been cut by 2/3 during Obama’s 6 years, from the $1.4 TRILLION Bush handed him to just $469 BILLION last fiscal year

But FOX “News” thanks you for believing their lies

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The person that posted”The Fair Tax is only fair if you’re obscenely rich”‘ either has not read the Fair Tax bill or is an idiot! The Fair Tax would give everyone a chance to succeed.

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Most liberals will happily discuss Obama’s policies. It’s just the Muslim, Kenya, hates-America, picking out things every president in history has done and pretending like it first happened under Obama, martial law in Texas type stuff that makes us wonder about the true objections to Obama.

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After all the years and great work as President, you still think Obama is inexperienced? What rock did you just crawl out from under? My investments have never been so good.

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Hey Bill Torpy.. How much does the AJC pay for a really good column? I’m thinking about adding a few lines to my best vents and putting them on the market. Wednesdays will be buy-one, get-one free! Such a deal!

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Did Soros bribe Democrats to lower his taxes like the Koch trust fund babies bribed Republicans to lower theirs? If so, it didn’t work (for Soros at least).