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It is not naive to look for a party that doesn’t hate Hispanics, the poor, gays, blacks, etc. don’t want them to receive special benefits… Just tired of all of the hatred.

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Global warming. The earth has warmed, cooled, shifted land masses, errupted, flooded, had droughts, had volcanic activities, been hit by meteors, had epidemics, had shifting axis, been hit by solar flares, had earthquakes, had land shift higher, or lower. Some land that was under water and now is dry land. Temp and air and water quality data is not there going back to the start of earth. Over population is an issue so you fail to maintain the border when there is not enough water?

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Sorry, but if you haven’t learned that there are strings attached to every dollar given by the federal government, and that it will cost you dearly in the long run, then you must be very young and very, very naive.

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What Party is always trying to pass laws that punish those who work, rewards those who do not, make the responsible responsible for the unresponsible, tell you what you should eat and drink, what insurance coverage you must have, regulate everything from toilets to lightbulbs, make it impossible to live without having an attorney and tax accountant on retainers, what your kids must learn, and what they eat for lunch? What sane person could vote for that Party?

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we (powerful corporations especially) are behaving like the Earth is indestructible… and it isn’t! Hopefully, you don’t need to be a ‘nature’ person to understand that this planet is the one we humans and all other species have to live on (Mars fantasies don’t count). We are part of nature, not above it, and when we don’t treat our home well, it will eventually not treat us well. That time is imminent if not already here.”

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There appear to be quite a few who are posting against your Fair Tax. You’ve called me an idiot, a libtard, ugly, unemployable etc… you don’t have the facts on your side. Talk to me when you are all in. Tax dividends and investment income. Tax corporations. Establish a minimum tax percentage on the rich. You will NOT screw the working people to benefit the one percenters…again!

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No name calling, just asking you to think – which Party is constantly trying to pass laws that hurt the poor, the elderly, the sick, union workers, women, children, education, the middle-class, nonChristians, nonwhites, gays, and anybody else that isn’t just like them? Why would ANY sane, intelligent American vote for that Party?