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So,Baltimore police are now saying Freddie Gray was arrested because he ran without being spoken to or provoked. I don’t follow the logic there. By the way, I thought they said it was because of a knife. Sounds like the BPD needs to get their ducks in a row.

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If all cops could refused to go after the crimes that politicians enact in order to get money they can spend it would eliminate most police negative encounters. Do you really think the police enjoy those encounters? You really think fines aren’t for the benefit of politicians? Sodas, single cigarets, stop lights, parking tickets,. Police should be able to focus on crimes and providing safe space for people.

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Time after time, black politicians continue to show that they are just as incompetent and corrupt as white politicians in governing their domain – the operative word here being “politician”.

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The Baltimore crowd wasn’t protesting against anything. They were merely being opportunistic thugs using that incident, without all the facts, to steal tvs and burn businesses of hard-working Americans. Had they been protesting, they would have marched with signs and chanted peacefully.

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It is not wrong to hate Hitler for killing innocent people. It is not wrong to hate Charlie Manson for killing innocent people. Yet I’m told that if I hate Muhammad for doing the same things, I’m outrageously evil. Well….go pound sand for all I care; I DESPISE the “Prophet”!

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The fact that three of the six officers indicted in Baltimore are black, seems to have taken the rose off the bloom somewhat. One can only wonder if the mob had known immediately half of those charged would be their own, would they have reacted differently.

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This “corporate dog” would like to inform you that corporations don’t pay taxes, they add them to their prices then collect them from you and send them on to the government. Look a few layers deeper and you will realize you have been scammed. One single visible tax is the only way to be fair.

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Well, a portion of Social Security benefits may be taxable depending on your income in a given year. But unless you have a substantial stream of income independent of SS benefits, it is likely you will pay little to no tax on those SS benefits you receive.

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Don’t forget about the bakery at Rich’s! Those delicious coconut cakes and the warm loaves of braided bread fresh out of the oven… so good! I never made it all the way home without snacking on big hunks of that wonderful bread.

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Go to Canal Street in NYC. Now, multiply that by a million. That’s your new marketplace. By the way, I suppose you FT people are naive enough to think that people are following the law to collect state income taxes on goods sold on the Internet. Guess what? They aren’t.