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You say the President has done a good job and if people don’t like it here they should move to another country? By that standard people who are unhappy about police or feel deprived like in Baltimore to the point of robbing and burning and saying to target cops should also try another country.

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It amuses me that when my Republican friends talk politics, they sound more like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders than Nathan Deal, David Perdue, Tom Price, Rob Woodall, Jody Hice or any of that gang., but they continue to vote Republican. It’s a mystery.

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It is about the 10th time I have seen someone talk about it is the worst time for race relations and we have a BLACK president. Let’s see who do I think is the cause of that? How about all of the old white people who keep saying he is not a Christian, He is a Muslim. He was not a citizen, he is not really educated. He couldn’t possibly be smart enough to be the President of Law Review at Harvard, he doesn’t love this country Need I say more?

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“Fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes and pumping chemicals into the ground will not result in contaminated water tables. ” And smoking does not cause cancer, either.

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In the last 35 years, Gross Domestic Product per person in America has grown 77 percent. Domestic product is not generated by bankers and hedge fund managers – it is generated by you and me. Where did the money go? I don’t have it. Do you have it?

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The president’s policies are just fine. I suppose you don’t remember the Bush years as compared to now. Even with unprecedented obstructionism from the right. Imagine how well we’d be doing if the Republicans didn’t behave like petulant children.

score 4

It looks like the Atlanta trolly is just too slow. You can walk to where you need to go faster than on the trolly. I deem it as more wasted money by the city.