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There are many reasons why the black doesn’t play baseball… of course it’s easy to scream about racial negativity. Gee, I figure there are just other more interesting choices. But, to counter the usual ‘white hate’ excuses- consider that baseball has always had strong father/son ties. With the removal of the need for the black father as monthly Great Society government checks kicked in in the late 60s… count ahead 18 years, and see that baseball’s black percentage peaked in 1981. Voila!

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I trust that everyone in Atlanta is as outraged at the behavior of Emory University students as we are in Indiana. There is just no excuse for such despicable actions toward those who have given so much more than anyone of us have the right to expect. Emory should be ashamed it has such students still in their undergraduate program.

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The movie “America Sniper” should have trigger warnings.It may cause pride in our military,love of our country,and tears for the sacrifices our military make during and after their tour of duty.

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Try to rewrite history if you want, but the party that fought hardest to prevent the Civil Rights Act of 1965 were the democrats. Talk about an inconvenient truth!

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Hillary could put all the controversy about her Global Funding contributions to rest.All she has to do is release all her E-mails on the contributions and that will prove she’s not a crook and the controversy goes away.Unless the E-mails were on the same server that had the State Department E-mails that she destroyed.

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In the 1860s Southern men became Democrats because Lincoln was a Republican. In the 1960s, they became Republican because Johnson was a Democrat. All because they could not bear to give black men their rights

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When is that annoying background music and noises on almost every TV program, news and the commercials going to stop ? The voices are being drowned out. Call or write your TV stations.

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How come the punk terrorist at Valdosta State has not been arrested yet? On camera he threatened to kill Americans. If he had threatened to kill gays or blacks or muslims would he still be running around free? He is a murderer in the making! Catch him please and put him under the jail!