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so appearance tells you what a bunch of phonies the GOP is? well how this for you left wingers, to me Hillary’s appearance reminds me of an old madam of a bordello down in Mexico, looks like a haggard old lying witch.

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It’s been said that a person’s appearance reflects what’s in their heart. If that’s so, then Deal and the rest of the right-wingnut Gang Of Phonies would make Dorian Gray’s picture look handsome!

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People need to stop blaming homosexuals for all deviant behavior. This Josh Duggar child molester was traveling the country talking about how gays would have sex with sheep. Now look at the holier than thou.

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Do you know some people are born with both male and female parts and therefore have a penis and ovaries? Look it up. Usually surgery happens to set the person’s sex.

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it’s pretty simple. If you are born with a penis you are a male, with a vagina… you are a female. The government will spend $billions on this transgender crap and it’s more than foolish.

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I find reading many of the posts suggest to me women are dealing with many sexually ignorant men who can’t possibly be good with their ignorance of sexuality.

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“Priests in catholic churches in Ireland are supporting gay marriage saying it is the loving thing to do. They are men unafraid of gay men.”
Maybe, but they’re scared to death of women! Go figure?

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If you think openly Gay Scout leaders are ok, then YOU be sure and put your son in that troop.. and by the way.. When DAD wants to be the girl scout leader, you be sure to let that happen as well.. don’t tell me what needs to happen when you won’t subject YOUR kid to the nonsenses that you prescribe for everyone else.