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The crash of the economy was due to zero regulatory requirements for credit default swaps to be backed by anything. Big financial institutions were allowed to bet money they didn’t have because they were able to squash any regulations on their business. It was fun and games while the money was rolling in. How many have been jailed?

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Middle East – a stable Middle East means stable oil prices – a destabilized Middle East mean high oil prices. What do you thing is going to happen? IS Obama for green energy corporations or dirty ole oil for energy corporations. As I have said before, Bush had the Middle East stable when he left office – not good enough for Obama. Once Obama is done, we will be begging for green energy.

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When Barney Frank and the Dems decided that every deadbeat in America should qualify for a mortgage, having dealt with the deadbeats I did not think that would work. But I thought the gov’t knows more than I do. They didn’t. That caused our economic collapse.

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“In making the case for war, the Administration repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when in reality it was unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent.”

The United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 06/05/08

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Enough already with this “ISIS” crap! Why can’t we just call them what they really are, the Satanic Cult? The genuine Islamic folks don’t deserve to be confused with these hoodlums.
I suppose we could compromise and call them the Satanic State. This would make their initials “SS”, an appropriate conflation with a certain other “SS”, a former purveyor of similar terroristic activities.

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Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East- We should get out of all of it. Tell them we will leave them alone, so leave us alone. Let them ALL fight it out. I don’t give a rip. If there is one left standing, them the U.S., England and whomever can take on the winner and the winner wants to challenge us.

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No one is trying to re-write history. Just explain why Bush did not allow the on grounds inspectors to complete their search for weapons of mass destruction. Instead, he gave them a deadline for getting out of Irak before the bombs. Started falling. The Administrations intent was to invade and facts were twisted to justify it.

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None of the Duggars so far are on welfare but the family is being pandered and sold. The money from the show and preaching about family values and against gays have supported the family too. They should have had treatment but prayer cured it. There are too many children for any mother and father to provide for. They have chosen to campaign against people and the chickens have come home to roost.

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Rewrite history? I guess since you probably watch only FOX, you did not hear the Bush CIA Director Michael Morrell this week say that the intel gathered by the CIA showed NO nuclear weapons. Or are you saying we should trust English intelligence more than our own CIA?

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Someone is sadly mistaken. Barney Frank was in charge and he insisted on lowering credit standards so that “everyone could fulfill the american dream of home ownership”.
They did just that and it was an extremely expensive mistake.
No doubt, some libtard will try to find a way to blame Bush.
Pathetic losers.