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And because of Obama’s lack of will and delusional thought process, the next President, whether Republican or Democrat, will absolutely have to confront the problem – we will need a leader so please you libtards, don’t screw this up.

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Let me get this straight. Conservatives want to send American troops back to Iraq, Syria, Iran ….. Are you guys nuts? I guess republicans think you can make the same mistake twice and expect a different result. That is insanity by definition

No I think it is the definition of Mental Retardation

score 2

I’ve got the cure for all these riots where people are upset that they don’t get the verdict they want from a jury. Pull ALL the peace officers out and let the residents fend for themselves. See who they call for.

score 2

“troops back to Iraq, Syria, Iran ….. Are you guys nuts?” The problem is that we pulled out – what this President will not face is that we are at war with radical Islam. I would much rather fight them over there than here. If he continues his policy, the situation will get worse and yes…eventually we will have to deal with a bigger mess. OBTW, Obama says we are winning – delusional.

score 12

There are some excellent, doable, sane solutions to Social Security and Medicare problems posted on the Vent right now. And they have a positive “up” rating. Why can’t our U.S. Senators and Representatives implement these ideas now?

I’ll tell you why not- Professional lobbyists for corporations and organizations, money and greed.

score -2

If you put yourself out as a public business but based on your religion you do not want to do flowers or cakes etc for gay wedding, please post that on your business. As a woman who believes in general that religions are not for women being equal to men in their structure or preaching, I do not want to buy from you as a religion advocate just as I would never go to Hobby Lobby.

score 3

Police are not trained that you can shoot someone who is armed and running away in the back. The officer must be in fear for his or other’s life. Hard to make that case when you shoot someone in the back.

score 6

Besides Social Security being made solvent, Medicare needs to be solvent. Under normal circumstances at the age of 65 a person goes under Medicare unless they are working at a job with health insurance. Most also buy a supplemental policy to pick up the remaining 20%.
I have finally read where some Republicans are in favor of an idea that some Democrats proposed a few years ago. The more wealthy pay more in Medicare. This needs to be done.

score 5

What happens is entirely up to you? Yeah, like the kid born to Bill Gates doesn’t have any better opportunities than the kid born to some meth addicted mom in the hills of Georgia. Sure.