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score 2

I used to enjoy the AJC, and the Vent. But, things have really changed. The website is confusing and difficult to navigate. And the Vent? A total loss, an,d no longer fun to read. So, that’s it…I’m gone along with so many others. Maybe some day, someone might care, although frankly I doubt it.

score -2

To the person who made fun of God, and joked about recording His voice. I will pray for you tonight. You have committed the worst offense of all: Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. It’s the only offense that God will not forgive.

score 1

I would be willing to bet that the looters and rioters did not participate in a single peaceful demonstration. People who loot and destroy are cut from a different cloth than those who embrace nonviolent protest.

score -1

I think we need to appreciate the struggles of the poor people involved in the Baltimore uprisings. Some have no money or hope. The people borrowing things from the stores are just trying to get some things they will never be able to afford.

score 0

Yeah, hurray for the slapping mom, but, if she’d been a really good mom, then the kid would not have been out there in the first place. BTW, I’m a liberal.

score 0

Stop with the protection crap, go to your community and ask the questions as to why cops are not always looked upon favorably, I think we know that answer and it starts with the police, stop defending bad practices and look at a more rewarding role, that would be unprecedented .