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Atlanta City Council and APS Board will never be productive. They both have far too many representatives on their boards. At most, they should have five to seven members each. Any more than that assures they will never be able to reach a consensus on anything. Thereby, getting NOTHING done!

score 6

You show up with enough body piercings to tempt a salvage company, enough tattoos to constitute a serious law about skin graffiti and hepatitis , and you dress like you just left a 3 day rave with purple hair. And you want to work for me?

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All y’all do realize that the national debt has to be paid off, right?! The more we borrow the more of every future budget has to go to paying interest instead of being spent on education, infrastructure, social programs, research, and defense which all benefit the nation. How is arguing ‘your guy’s spending was a higher percentage’ stopping our financial ship from sinking?

score 2

Why do idiots persist in giving credit or blame to the President over the performance of the economy and stock market?! No President has that type or amount of power. Think about it. If they did then they certainly wouldn’t ever let them go down the tubes.

score 0

46% of the states had snow on the ground last week. “Global Warming, not so much. “Climate Change”, yep. It happens all the time and has happened since the beginning.