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It always seems to be Christian churches and Christian-owned businesses that are targeted for discrimination suits. When are gay rights activists going to take legal action against a Muslim mosque for refusing to perform a gay wedding ceremony?

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The new vent is a product of lowering costs by reducing manpower. Translation: Fire an employee or two and automate. You know, like how computers were supposed to give people more leisure time. Just didn’t tell us it would be without money.

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To all the mothers, that are in denial, who want to stop the police from killing unarmed young black men. I can tell you how! Have the young men quit breaking the law. It’s really a simple concept!

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I was stopped in Morrow, Ga on Highway 54 by a police office for weaving in my car. When asked if I was driving under the influence I replied, “No, Sir”. I was weaving to avoid all the pot holes. After a good laugh he let me continue on my way.

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If you can’t afford your baby then don’t have it!!! I’m sick of paying for your negligence… that means responsibilities… that means being poorly
bred… I could go on and on. Basically don’t make your problems mine!!

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If the business is going to post “No Gays” sign and the sign company gives volume discounts, they should consider ordering their “Going Out of Business” sign at the same time.