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Seems that Rev Al could sell that Rolls Royce and pay his back taxes. Maybe he’d have to downgrade to a Lexus or Mercedes for a while, till he got back on his financial feet again.

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Man in Ohio, who had a carry permit, shoots himself in the leg with a Glock without a safety while pulling up his pants in a Chick-Fil-A. I bet he doesn’t have a dark suntan either. Smart, real smart!

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Today has been an active day on the Vent. It takes about one hour before your Vent rotates off the list and is gone into never never AJC land. This is no longer the Vent. It should be renamed Newspaper Twitter or Newspaper Snap Chat.

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Great parenting lady–giving your car keys to your teenage so she can drive you and the rest of your kids, because you are too drunk to get behind the wheel.

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you can lead a horse to water but you cat make him drink. you can spend billions of dollars on education but you cant make them learn if they don’t want to.

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Question: Who drives a Phantom Rolls Royce, talk show yearly salary 500K plus owns several write-off businesses, free private jet travel;wined and dined as prestiges elite, owes several millions in back taxes, Obama’sinstigator of instablity?

Answer: Al Sharpton who can afford to pay his back taxes of 5 million dollars.

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I don’t like Sharpton and really don’t want to pay anything for him, IF you are correct. However, Bush Daddy and Little Shrub had their cronies and Little Shrub even had Dick who was VP. Then there’s Nancy Reagan had her husband, Ronnie, for VP. To be fair, Clinton had Hillary and those other women. Clinton had more fun, I think.