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Obama wants us to look at the facts of the TPP. Well, we would if it wasn’t a SECRET deal that Warren says they can’t talk about. 85 percent of those deciding the trade agreement are CEOs of corporations and lobbyists who should not be trusted to help regular human americans.

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“The success of red state Georgia”??? When, where? My net pay is less because my previous job is now being done in India by people who can’t speak English clearly. Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot you’re a stock broker.

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Actually, they’re moving to get cheaper labor, cheaper land, AND LOW TAXES!! When our legislators figure out they’ve been suckered into paying them $120 for every $100 of labor (and that’s going to take a LONG time), they’ll move off-shore, pay no taxes at all, and put the money in a Swiss bank account and laugh at our stupidity.

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A conservative finally admits they want to privatize Social Security. They were opposed to it at its inception and are opposed to it now. They also support less restrictions on a gun purchase than we have on a drivers license.

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Big rig trucks are not being maintained, drivers do not have proper training, and they don’t realize how big they are.
A recipe for trouble. Take notice to the number of “gators” on the highways. Very dangerous!

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Yes, spring is here! Unlicensed boat drivers zoom around with no life jackets with a huge cooler of booze. They think the law doesn’t apply when you step off the shore!