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score 1

Some seem to think only republicans are given benefits by government that make them rich. Lots of Hollywood type seem to be rich and are not anything but left. Bill Clinton can get $500,000 for a speech and the Clintons think they are needy with the big wealth they have. So if you are a poor democrat you simply don’t have the right democrat connections.

score 3

I’m sure there is federal gravy already included it the GA highway grants to allow for litter pickup.. Which unfortunately is is typically unclaimed, lost, misappropriated or just plain wasted through incompetence … Much like the “tire recycling” fund which is nothing more than a petty cash jar for the state. No problem… Once we squander all those grants we can simply tax ourselves with yet another SPLOST smoke screen.

score 1

Just when I was thinking would never be relevant again, they resurrect my faith by devoting 25% of the front page banner to Vince Vaughn’s $14 million penthouse. Thank you AJC for sensing what we need to know.

score 2

Well there you have it. Obama says everything is better under his guidance, and Bill and Hillary (Ms Clinton) said they’ve done nothing wrong. Crises averted, so now liberals can go back to bashing conservatives and shaming religious people.

score -2

If we invaded every country that didn’t like us, we would have all these countries telling us they love us, but, in their hearts, they would hate us and they would be seeing other countries behind our back. That’s no way to live.

score 2

Atlanta – the city too busy to pick up litter. The interstates all over the metro area are garbage dumps. Disgusting! Put some able-bodied welfare recipients to work cleaning up the roads.