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Everyone should be consumed with Al Sharpton. He is a cancer plaguing this country. Tell me, if you can, what good he has done for those he supposedly helps.

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Waiting for the 3 black Baltimore cops to have their murder charges reduced to jaywalking since black on black murder is fully acceptable by the race pimp black leaders and black residents of the so called black community.

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You scream there’s too much violent crime in your community and then when the police do something about you protest…and then call me a racist for thinking you’re idiots.

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I am tired of restaurant workers refering to food as the”protein” or the “starch”..they have names. When this happens, i refer to my waiter as my mammals.

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Why did the Pope invite to the Vatican gardens, a moslum religious leader to pray to Allah along with a top Israeli Rabbi? Then the Pope went to the Blue Mosque, knelt and prayed.
Moslums don’t believe that the Jeudo-Christian Lord is God. His name certainly isn’t Allah.

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The mother of the woman shot in the cop car downtown totally explains why it happened : My daughter didn’t do no violence..she only stole cars once in a while.

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Seems that Rev Al could sell that Rolls Royce and pay his back taxes. Maybe he’d have to downgrade to a Lexus or Mercedes for a while, till he got back on his financial feet again.