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Holy matrimony is a religious ceremony and the government should be kept out of it except to keep a record for legal reasons.If your religious institution wants to marry 2 people of the same sex or any other form of marriage they should be afforded the same right of misery that hetrosexuals enjoy.

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Obama’s play on words at the correspondence dinner shows us once again how much he has brought shame on the office of President. We all know the word he was referring to when he commented on his “bucket” list. Dignity must be restored to the office of President.

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Most western countries have always paid a Flat Tax. Everyone pays a fixed rate; no matter what their income. The wealthy pay more; by virtue of their larger earnings. Those who earn under a certain amount, pay nothing. At the end of the fiscal year, they owe no more. Only corporations must file business taxes. How much fairer can it be? Americans are always worried that someone else will get a benefit, that they want for themselves. When will we learn to think of the big picture?

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You bozos keep clamoring for a national sales tax…..but it will NOT replace the income tax. You can pay both, and those of us with 401-k retirement can pay your moronic sales tax in retirement….wake up goof ball….

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Christians do have a problem with adultery and murder. Interesting that there are no laws sanctioning those acts as legal and permissible. So why a Supreme Court decision legalizing and sanctioning homosexual behavior? To pass laws to change the definition of marriage that has been the norm for centuries simply to accommodate certain sexual behavior patterns is ludicrous. Your sexual practice is your business. We don’t need court decisions to enforce your actions as legal and mandatory.

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So, the Fair Tax really isn’t “fair” if high school dropout losers refusing to work can’t benefit financially? How about no more free handouts for able bodied slackers?

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Dear brain dead leftist socialist anti-white welfare loving, cop hating democrats. There are more democrats on Fox News than there are republicans on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC & CNN combined! Take a break from feeding from the democrat master’s welfare plantation and educate yourself.

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Hillary will get millions of votes simply because she is a woman. Obama got millions of votes because he is black (actually half-black). Those are both terrible reasons to vote for the leader of the free world. We have seen the sad results of electing a community organizer, will we make another mistake by electing a person who is where she is only because she rode her philandering husband’s coattails to fame and fortune? Vote with your brain, not your emotions folks.

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X-cop, former cop, retired cop … you are just another has been and there is no reason for you to have ANY special privileges at all. Get over yourself! Go join the golf community and tell your lies with them.

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To those “Christians” who have a problem with same sex marriage: the Bible forbids adultery and killing but both happen all the time. Why don’t you focus on that?

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I am the $11 HOT Venter. I have not nor will I ever pay an additional tax on a road paid for with taxpayers money. If others did the same and no tax were collected perhaps this form of gouging the people with a new form of creative taxation by the government would cease. To ride in and pay the HOV “inflated and gouging” tax is a vote in favor of additional taxation which hurts everyone.