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I’m looking forward to some home grown ripe tomatoes. Not the flavorless ones that come from the supermarket. The real ones, that taste like pure sunshine. Just add plain white bread and mayonnaise.

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While I am sick and tired of both the far right and far left, as centrist independent in favor of small government I have voted republican. As a woman I may not vote for a presidential candidate at all.l again. Quit the anti gay/antigay marriage thing. At least gay men don’t rape women and girls or prostitute them or enslave them or marry and commit adultery on them generally. They certainly do not in any numbers create unwanted babies. More gay men good for women. More equal at work too.

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So we’ve gone from talking about a molesting dog to the president. Let’s talk some. More about the molester. I wonder what would make a bible thumping family raise a dog disguised a human?

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Fascist conservatives love to see minorities kill each other while stealinf l the food from veterans, deny health care to children with medical problems, and just as soon see older people die from hunger.

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You’re just living in a world called Obamorea. Its a world filled with wonder, things are topsy-turvy. Right is so wrong that it becomes right. The good are bad, and the bad become the good – the memorialized. The poor are enriched and the enriched are demonized. The lazy are praised for their effort and the productive demoralized. The virtuous mocked and the immoral rewarded. The devoted chastised and the apathetic held in esteem. Welcome to Obamorea.

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How many of the Duggar kids were on welfare? How many refused to work and demanded the government pay for their housing, iPhone, flat screen TV’s, cars, food and utilities? How many Duggar kids voted for a racist socialist who promised to steal from the workers and give to the deadbeats? Making fun of others while selling your vote for a 6 pack of Schlitz must make you proud.

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It’s not a matter of prioritizing. We can talk about more than one issue at a time. I guess your conservative brain can’t handle too many things at once. By the way,he “messed with” some of his sisters . That’s something a dog would do.

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Customer calls authorities on Chinese restaurant owner who wheeled through the front door of the dining room a partially covered roadkill deer in a trash can with legs and hooves stiffed upright, leaving behind a grossly suspicious trail of blood. What exactly puzzles me is why they didn’t use the back door like they usually do?