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Victor Hill, please stay in Israel. You are an embarrassment to Clayton County, Georgia, the United States….oh, everyone. Are you teaching the Israelis how a “Thug-With-a-Badge” gets away with anything?

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They arrested parents in Mississippi for not following the instructions to remain quite when their family members received their diplomas and wait until the whole row was finished to applaud. They should have done that here and then maybe a lesson could have been learned about following rules.

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You don’t have to watch MSNBC to understand that Bush and Cheney are war criminals.
The Right want to put Clinton in jail for schupping a consenting adult but they’re OK with Bush/Cheney schupping the entire world.

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Two reasons I visit the, first is to read the Vent, no matter how screwed up it is. Second, I like the Find Five, today can not locate the Find Five, so it is Vent time. U SUK!!!

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How can I “opt out” of paying for any more refugees with my property tax? When will they pay me for letting them stay?=========
I consider a refugee someone living Gwinnett County & sending their kid here to Forsyth County schools. Every one know its happening but no one does anything about it. Forsyth County government is the most corrupt in the state.

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It really is a privilege to be in the majority race. I mean, one of us can go kill dozens at a theater or school, embezzle millions – pretty much do any horrible thing – and the rest of us don’t get tainted by the stench. I love it!

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The rich guy in the AJC story getting sued by his family isn’t getting much derisive vent commentary. I guess that’s because he’s not black and his name isn’t King.

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Homosexuality is a physiological fact affecting ~5% of the world’s population throughout history, and is mainly attributable to hormonal influences in utero. Conservatives’ fascination with and fear of it is the real interesting story.

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I’m an info junkie, and study history and economics reports from news sources around the world. My personal conclusion is that as president Obama has made some of the wisest decisions in a generation – both for our economy and the future of our country.

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While born with the genetic limitation to grow only to a height of 5’5″, I have always felt that I was 6’2″. After discussing this with my family,I now present to the world the 6’2″ me, and you are all required to acknowledge me as being 6’2″. I am so happy now.