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I know this will anger a lot of people but I think ALL tattoos make a person look cheap and trashy. The more tattoos you have, the cheaper you look. I am sure there are exceptions, but you see very few business executives with tattoos because they don’t want to look trashy. Wise up, people.

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Liberals are just great at spending someone elses money and they are crazy enough to think the government is going to take care of them.. LOL Ask the native americans how that worked out for them.

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I want to believe in my President, but lately, I’m not so sure whose side he’s on. Lately it doesn’t seem to be the welfare of the American citizens.

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Far right republicans and far left democrats are simply opposite sides of the same coin all about big government and the lobbyists and supporters who pay for their services. Find leaders and vote for them or the generations to come will have no rights or freedoms left.

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Only a conservative can accuse the family whose child was maimed of blowing the settlement on “drugs and frivolous nonsense”. You don’t even know their name. You never met them and are accusing them based on your own hateful prejudice. What a jerk! –

Pot meet kettle.. You don’t know me or my name and you are accusing me based on your own hateful prejudice.. You just did exactly what you accused me of.. maybe I am a jerk, but you’re stupid.. You can’t fix stupid…

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I see no evidence of conservatives respecting the office of the President. You reject the positive achievements of this President and exaggerate the negatives. I wonder why?

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You disrespect a former President, yet many of us conservatives still believe in respecting the office.
This President has been in charge for 7 years. He has not earned respect, but he’s still President. Jimmy Carter; I like you better and better.

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This country has gone crazy. Everyone is carrying guns and you can’t tell the good from the bad anymore. Everyone is afraid of everyone else and we’re all living in fear of the next crazy person who decides he wants to do something.