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It literally kills my spirit how some White Americans can totally disregard crimes that whites do. All while looking upon all blacks as menaces to society. Crimes are committed by all races and genders. It does not matter which does it more.

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What about Josh Duggar’s victims? Yeah they got counseling but did they have to tell their spouses about the abuse? Forgiveness is one thing, forgetting is something else. Although he was young, he knew what he was doing was wrong & his abuse against his own sisters along has affected that family for generations.

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So the Duggars have turned out to be yet another family that tries to use their loudly proclaimed Christianity to conceal their hidden perversions and criminality. Not a real big surprise to those of us that have read Christ’s warnings about Pharisees.

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Well just how long should one wait to respond to a person pointing a gun at you, and give us your experience. I just love people that have all this wisdom to give to the cops without ever having to experience what a cop has to confront. Is there any of you on the left that even thinks we need cops? If I were a cop in todays “cops are thugs atmosphere”, I would think twice about intervening in anything I may have to defend my actions for later. The left making a safer place for us all.