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Every Christian in America should be terrified of the criticism of Indiana’s Religious Liberty Bill. Beware: first, private bakers must go against their beliefs in the name of government “equality”, very soon, pastors will be told what they can and can’t preach! FACT

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AD the bible continues asks wouldn’t it be wonderful to be alive when Jesus walked the earth. For one thing there were no toilets, showers or deodorant.

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For Georgians that don’t understand the problems with Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law, imagine that you’re going to some Atlanta restaurants and they turn you away, saying “we don’t serve rednecks here”. NOW do you get it???

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Why do I keep getting amazed by the ignorance shown by the vents. Read my lips……we will never get to marry animals and dont be surprised when your pharmacist refuses to fill your birth control perscription because of religious beliefs.

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Obviously, no AJC execs give a rat’s patooie what anybody thinks about their previously popular vent column. That’s okay, I don’t need it. Or the newspaper either, for that matter!

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The Indiana gov is saying he’ll “fix” the FoR law. He’s caving faster than I thought. Big business is voicing its displeasure and money is the only thing republican officials understand.

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People of all races and ages! When the police officer tells you to stop, this is not the time to act aggressively! Do as he tells you and express your indignation to the media later.