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Anyone who believes that “Walking Small” Hill drove all that way with a gun then shot the lady accidentally, probably was dumb enough to vote for him in the first place.

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Did you forget about Reagan’s people meeting with Iran so the hostages would not be released while Carter was president. Next thing you know, Reagan is sending Ollie North off to sell Iran arms. What a coincidence.

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This is the VENT does it really matter if a work is spelled correctly or if grammer is correct. Gezzz if you have nothing better to do with your time than proof read the Vent. Go find a child that needs help in school and work with them. Put your time to good use! It’s a waste here!

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I’m sorry-Reagan was not the president conservatives made him out to be. They were looking for a hero to erase the memory of “Tricky Dick” Nixon. Reagan raised the debt ceiling and taxes more times than a few, and unemployment reached 11% under his trickle down economics.But let conservatives tell it, none of that happened and he did nothing of the sort. And we won’t get into pro-choice Reagan as gov of Calif and the Drug scandal while president. He forgot everything.

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You don’t have to worry the Republicans will never believe you even if they bothered to look it up. St. Regan could never have spent more money that the United States was bringing in. I bet they even think there was a SURPLUS when he left and Bill Clinton came in and caused the deficient. Remember they re write history. Facts don’t matter.

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If Christians or Jews went on a shooting spree every time they saw a cartoon (or movie, or TV episode) that offended their religious sensibilities, our violent crime rate would be a hundred times worse than it is. Muslims are not exempt from the laws and rules of a civilized society, and they do not have a right to never have to see or hear anything that they don’t like.

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Former Congressman Barney Frank may have talked himself into bankruptcy. If he doesn’t identify the two staffers whom he claims Sam Nunn fired for being gay, then the world will know he’s lying… again. If he does identify them, its an instant multi-million dollar slander suit.

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What’s humorous is the same morons attacking the accomplishments of Reagan think Clinton hung the moon. Why is it so hard to see that all you “party” fanatics are identical to the ones you argue with? Both sides, Democrat and Republican, are WORTHLESS.

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I wish the Republicans in Georgia would have the nerve just to put the Religious Freedom bill to bed and forget it. I only have one word to say Wimbush’s.

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What is wrong with American Media blaming the Texas cartoonists for getting shot? Do they not understand the 1st Amendment?! There is Constitutional Right to never be offended and when one is offended shooting the offender is NEVER appropriate!