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I used to be a quiet when out of control kids run and scream in public. Now, I’ve become one of those crazy strangers that tell the kids off right in front of their astonished parents. I’m loving it!

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You can tell when the food stamps come out, .All the ileagals standing in line at the stores with three basket full of food, with a half a dozen little kids standing behind them

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The constant criticism of “liberals” whom they call socialists in the vent. Know where they get their ideas and beliefs??? Straight out of the mouth of Jesus Christ.

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Bruce Jenner is doing nothing but promoting a new reality show. That family has made MILLIONS by doing nothing but be ridiculous. Heck, for that kind of money I will tell everyone I am a woman, just because I say it does not make it true.

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Where are the vents about the “woman attacks federal judge”?
Find the article and read it. This lady was either a graduate of the Cynthia McKinney school of wacky female or she is applying to Hillary Clinton’s press secretary.

Why go to the movies when this kind of entertainment is free!!