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You believe Obama jerrymandered the Electoral College to win the Presidency??? The Electoral College designed by the Founding Fathers to allow smaller population states to have equal votes with states with HUGE populations – that Electoral College? Wow, just wow. And… you… vote!!!

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Most people are tolerant of Gays and others of that persuasion, it is the strident “in your face” types that annoy straight persons. Don’t demand everyone agree with your lifestyle. Practice it if you choose, just don’t demand everyone else swear allegiance to it.

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There is not forgiveness from a Democrat/Liberal for anyone that disagrees with them or shows them the truth. Just try to maturely discuss one of their ‘pet’ issues with them. They turn into raging, name calling, heritage bashing lunatics.

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One thing for sure if it were one of todays Republican’s that was found out to be a ‘former’ KKK member the Democrats would have raised such a stink that the guy, his family & his dog would have been destroyed in the media & his descendants forever labeled a racist.

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The ‘erroneous’ information on Robert Byrd is historical fact. It doesn’t matter you don’t like it. Byrd served in the house & senate collectively from 1953-2010. He was elected as exalted Cyclops, was a recruiter & organizer. If you would do some research you’d know this but I guess facts & truth matter little to those who are trying hard to cover it up.

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The venter who used the terms”Fox News,” “wide range of views” and “conservative” all in the same sentence obviously doesn’t know what the term “oxymoron” means

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You can use the law to force people to act against their beliefs, but that doesn’t really change things. We’ve had Civil Rights legislation for 2 generations and people are still racist. Be the change you want to see.

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If I were Volvo looking at various “incentives” to do business in Georgia, I’d take a long hard look at the same Georgia legislature raising fuel taxes against Delta the instant they become profitable. I’d take my business elsewhere!

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Funny how the person calling the other venter a male, fool & Republican has presumed that person is several things without the facts. They surmised its a man, a Republican & a liar. Seems to me that the person doing the presuming is the fool, calling someone names based on their bias rather than the facts. Proves a lot of points.