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The Officer jumped on the hood of the car and fires 15 shots into the unarmed occupants. Says he “felt threatened”. I suggest it is more likely he wanted to do a Rambo and feel the admiration of his fellow Officers.

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In the trial of Cleveland policeman Micheal Brelo, testimony was given that 62 police cars were used in the chase of the 1979 Chevy which had backfired near the police station. 62! And 137 bullets. Unbelievable!

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Reports are it took around 150 ISIS troops to take over Ramandi. I did not think we should have been in Iraq in the beginning, but if that is all it took for the Iraqi troops to drop their arms and run, then Hell NO I do not want any U.S. troops or money being spent in Iraq.

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Its a shame the black race is killing so many of their own, breaking into house and shooting everybody, and killing for drugs, and randomly shooting just to kill people. Why won’t our Mayors. Governor and leaders condem this? Are they maybe being paid off to ignore it?

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I don’t really expect someone who thinks Fannie Mae had any real impact on the collapse of the economy knows much about how financial markets work or understands what really happened.

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You will be happy to learn our Georgia Legislators were given their marching orders by ALEC in secret meeting in Savannah last week-end. You will magically see the same laws being put forward by Republicans all over the U.S. Ask your Legislator has he been in a meeting with ALEC…then ask him how much did he sell his soul for.

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I still think its time to vote the old geezers like McCain,
Reid, McConnell and plenty of other old people out office.
Why do we have to let them keep determining what we can and can’t do? Also, they are being paid too much. Its time for a BIG rebellion against Congress.

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I agree… there is as much stupidity on the far right as there is on the far left… Maybe us 80% in the middle need to step up and take over the conversation.. The fringe is destroying this country for everyone.

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I watched both of my elderly parents go through the “medicare” scam in their final days. Countless tests and unnecessary procedures and medicare paid for it all. They had a supplemental policy and were not out of pocket for anything. Doctors and Hospitals know how to work the system when medicare $$$ are involved… trust me, they make billions.

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The government was far more involved than just “regulating” the housing mess. They orchestrated it through Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac. The Government has no business in the housing business.

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The police are a problem in every major city because they try to force criminals to stop all the fun stuff, like prostitution, drug sales, strong arm robbery,etc., etc.