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I think that some of you people live under a rock encased in a sanitized bubble, because you think that things happen just the way they are supposed to–and the police are perfect.

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Well, if you believe that, I can you can believe that the police was called on someone else, and the caller ended up being the one killed–and had broken no law.

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I know if I was a burglar, and the alarm system told me to identify myself, I would spill the beans right there. Name, address, social security number, etc.

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I got an idea? If people didn’t rob, assault people and break into homes and cars then they will not get shot by a cop when they assault the police after being stopped. Novel idea don’t you think?

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The career criminal that was shot in Vinings by Smyrna Police had ran from them the day before. They found out who he was and that he was wanted on a warrant so the next day they went to arrest him and he tried to run over them.

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Obama did “not order you” to stop reading the Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, or Forbes. While deeply conservative, those newspapers don’t print outright lies… like some Cable TV shows.

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Evidently you have not watched Obama much, either, since he has –during televised speeches, specifically said *do not watch Fox News.* And if you classify many more words as *code,* you will risk being listed in the Psychiatric DSM as paranoid.