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Haters of FOX News have been asked to identify intentional deviation from the truth and they can’t. Being mistaken is rarely lying and FOX is always willing to admit when they are wrong. We should be so lucky to have a president as honest FOX News.

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It seems to me Susan Rice is the designated distributor of obviously non-fact talking points. The impact is negligible because the great unwashed don’t watch the Sunday ‘news’ shows.

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If you want to truly express your political viewpoints, try one of those “liberal blogs”. They don’t censor your opinions and automatically cancel your posting by some computer like the Vent does.

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That is a good idea for new reality show: The Biggest Liar.
There’d be all the usuals, Hillary, Lois L. & John Koskinen, Harry Reid, Nancy P. & Elijah C. ,Kasim and the biggest of all…little Barry

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Requiring a carry permit to legally buy a gun is a good idea for the responsible adults. However thugs don’t care if their guns are ‘legal’. Our slim hope is that law enforcement can seize the illegal ones. Dream on?

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I am RC (religiously correct) over PC. When the two clash, I cannot in good conscience deny PC to others , but I do have the right to not participate directly or to be forced to pay for it.

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Maybe if the KKK demands that a black photographer take photos at one of their meetings, people would understand why it is wrong to force people to do business with everyone.