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When Mama June brought a child molester into the home, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” was canceled. When Josh Duggar admitted to molesting 5 underage girls including a sister or two, it brings the family closer to God.

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I think Scott Walker not having a degree indicates he’s not smart enough to realize he can’t get away with ‘misapplication of funds’ Sometimes people call that embezzling

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I am trying my best to understand how grown men can ride bikes ,shot up the place where children are.
How grown Men can say I love America and doing the opposite, Have you seen the mugs shots of these men. It shows how we really don’t appreciate the freedom we have and the men and women who risk there lives so we can keep that freedom.
There’s to many killings in this county every day, You see some us find it easier to kill, cheat, rob, sell drugs than to take that energy and get a Job.

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No, it’s just that the GDOT engineers and planners have lots of education and book learning and sit in skyscrapers without the first bit of common sense.

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Do the people at GDOT realize just how bad the traffic congestion in Atlanta really is? Do any of them actually try to drive anywhere? Do they think that everything is fine the way it is? So much wasted time and gas. So much stress added to our lives.

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“The highest economic growth decade was the 1960s. Income tax rates were 90 percent,” “I mean, the idea that there’s some direct connection that all these innovators are on strike because tax rates are at 35 percent on corporations, that’s just such nonsense.”

Bill Gates

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To all of you screaming “ETHICS!” about Hillary, you should take a look at Scott (Not a college graduate) Walker and all the missing money in his “I’ll create jobs” Wisconsin programs