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When I voted for our current president in ’08, I was also ready to vote for Hillary at that time, in 2016, so there is nothing you can say to change my mind, because there is nothing that any Republican has done since to make me change it.

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You people really should give up trying to convince others of any political person’s trustworthiness, non leadership skills and anything else, because we don’t know you from the garbage man, and why would we take your advice on who to vote for.

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Which Benghazi hearings should we watch? Should we watch one of the five House Committees (Armed Services, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, Judiciary, and Oversight and Government Reform) which didn’t find anything bad about Hillary, or should we be watching the Homeland Security or State Department investigations which didn’t find Hillary did anything wrong? Or, are we going to spend even more money to have more investigations to prove Hillary didn’t do anything wrong? Whatever.

score 0

If you want to support a democrat for high office that is your business and your right. However if you are even considering Hillary for President, I strongly suggest that you become more familiar with her past. She has demonstrated that she is not trustworthy and lacks the leadership necessary for that office. Please tune in and closely watch the Benghazi hearings.

score 1

Who came up with “restocking fees” for unopened, returned electronics. It’s ridiculous that you have to pay 15 percent to return an unopened and unused item. I can return clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., and there are no restocking fees. There should be a law against this…I cant understand how it’s legal.

score 4

Notice to all car dealerships. Keep your Memorial Day ads low key and respectful. No screaming, no idiocy. It is a solemn day. Respect the dead who have died for this great nation. It is not about your greed. PEACE!

score 3

Only 6 per cent of the US population own passports. That explains the great divide in empathy for other cultures and people. That also explains why so many people here believe we’re the best at so many things we are not.