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Oh my, 3 Dept. of Public Works employees arrested for stealing copper and selling it for profit from said Dept. Oh look, they’re all African American. Oh look, they’re all wearing hoodies. Now, what were you saying Rev. Sharpton? Rev. Jackson? Anyone?

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If you think your Democrat politicians are honest and upright, then your are fooled every day much less on April Fool’s Day. Most of them are corrupt on both sides!

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Requiring a carry permit to legally buy a gun is a good idea for the responsible adults. However thugs don’t care if their guns are ‘legal’. Our slim hope is that law enforcement can seize the illegal ones. Dream on?

score 3

I am RC (religiously correct) over PC. When the two clash, I cannot in good conscience deny PC to others , but I do have the right to not participate directly or to be forced to pay for it.