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score 1

Went to Lake Lanier for the first time ever. Wife asked why we had to pay since there was no attendant, and only a parking machine. I explained it was the honor system. She laughed. When we got done with our picnic, and walked back to the car, they were ticketing the folks who didn’t pay! Always remember, it costs less to do it right the first time!!!

score 3

Dr. Kent Bradley, the ebola patient at Emory, was with Samaritan’s purse. Fellow venters, Samaritans Purse is already there in Nepal helping with the earthquake disaster. Americans are the most giving people in the world, around 90% and that is from us, not counting our goverment. Let’s all give somehow.

score 6

The one American doctor killed in the January drone strike was near the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, where no American civilian should have been. How can you blame the President or our military for that?

score 4

I think a $65M jet purportedly needed to carry the gospel to all corners of the world , speak volumes about this preacher’s flock rather than the preacher.

score 8

When the bill comes due for obamacare which it is starting to do… y’all clods that voted for him just remember that we tried to warn you… yep, sell your house to downsize and the government takes 3% off the top..

score 5

Luckovich says the Republicans are responsible for Hillary’s SCANDALS. They are probably responsible for Bill and Hillary’s scandals when Bill was Governor of Arkansas.
Bush probably did it.

score 9

Creflo, and 17 of his friends, could each take $10,000 trips on a commercial airliner, every other month, for 57 years, before the jet he wants would become profitable.

score 5

Ms Anne from Decatur, this venter is praying that you find your husband Marty safe in Nepal. When he gets home he will have a remarkable story to tell. I saw your story on the front page of the AJC.

score 3

It’s funny how all those “honest mistakes” the Clintons make so often are always in THEIR favor, and either hide income or destroy potential evidence.

score 5

Speaking of lies;”if you like your doctor ,you can keep your doctor”.”If you like your health coverage you can keep your coverage”.I could go on but you get the picture.

score 0

Please tell me what poor,immigrants and gays look like.I’m from immigrant parents, we were poor and now I’m a Republican cause they want people like me and all Americans to succeed.

score 2

It wasn’t a war of lies.It was misinformation that Hillary ,Kerry and others bought into also.The intel services made a big mistake,just like the 2 Americans just killed in Obama’s drone strike was a mistake.Stuff happens

score -1

ATTN. DEMS. I shall return Monday to slay you fantasy B.S. that you spew so freely. Jimmy Carter is smiling for ever blunder Pres. Urkel makes which is frequent !

score 0

3/13/02 – Date on which GW Bush stated about Osama bin Laden. “I am truly not concerned about him.” And months before 9-11 Dick Cheney studied Iraq oil field maps at the White House. It’s on record.