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Geez, what an idiot… You could just take up Outback on their offer and say a polite thank you.. Instead you decide to berate them.. They could just ignore your sorry axx all together and maybe they should…

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If Germany had beaten Russia, or even not attacked Russia, and concentrated on invading England, we wouldn’t have had anywhere to base bombers to bomb Germany. By the time we did, they would have had a bomb. We were smart and let the USSR wear Germany down and then we went in for the final kill. Why do you think we let them have Berlin?

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How mature of you… you can’t handle the truth so you flag it as inappropriate… guess what cupcake… you are going to run into all sorts of folks in your life you disagree with but you will have to work with them regardless of your beliefs…

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Enough of the lectures… We know what memorial day is for, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take the time to thank a veteran anyway. Get over yourselves already and quit acting like you spend the day at Arlington polishing the headstones…