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Explain to me, why as a nation we have not taken advantage of magnetic energy. It’s the energy source of the future. After all WE have Georgia Tech. Georgia has some of the smartest kids in the world! Let’s JUST DO IT! Of course we’ll have to out vote the power and gas lobbies. Wake up Georgia, let’s stand together and be proud!

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“Happy Memorial Day” sounds all wrong, I’ve tried ” Have a rememberable Memorial Day” but soooo long. What would be appropiate to say considering how many have died for our beloved country, any suggestions?

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You make it sound so simple that doing what the cops tell you to do is what saved you. That only worked for you. Running from cops should not cause a death!!

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In the good ole days of the vent; a venter once posted:

“I did okay in math, until the alphabet got involved.”

Thank you for that humorous vent, I’m middle-aged student taking college algebra and that vent still makes me smile.

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Can we please, please, get back to posting funny, satirical, cute vents like we used to? I realllly hate political vents – they’re vicious and useless – no one wins.

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Saying liberals are calling conservatives names is sort of like the war on Christmas/Easter/flavor of the day. It fits the victim narrative that is popular in some circles. See, it’s easy to analyze, even insult, but not call people haters or any other names.

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Perhaps it would be wiser to not spend millions attempting to get the 2020(?) Superbowl. It’s going to be awarded to Miami, because they’ll offer cruises to our latest and bested freind Cuba. So Atlanta Mayor how about taking that money and fix our horrible roads instead. Think of the millions of dollars taxpayers would save on tires and car repairs.

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I’ve never even been chased and shot at by the cops because they heard a backfire somewhere or because my tail lamps were working (yes, working). Cops don’t even look at me like they think I’m an animal and out to hurt them.