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Don’t be bashing the print vent.. After wrapping your fish in the News and Metro sections it gives you someting to do between reading about crime in the sports section on your way to the comics section.

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Nobody cares about your’e womb.What we care about is the unborn child that you want to kill because you were too negligent to buy your own birth control.

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Why do strong feminist women need someone else to buy their birth control.You know when you accept things from others there are always strings attached.I say buy your own.

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My sympathies’ for the family of Nicholas Thomas but I am sure even they must have seen this coming. However, Nicholas was a thug and a lifelong criminal that enjoyed making escapes from the police at the risk of everyone else on the road. He had an opportunity to change his life several times and only escalated his crimes to the point of ignoring his probation and any attempts to give him another and another chance. He should have been in jail watching the world’s most dangerous police chases w