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If Angela Williamson is really innocent in the APS cheating trial, she should be named the Secretary of Education! With a one in 283 septillion chance of that level of student performance she must be a genius!

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Hillary was a very successful Secretary of State. Check your facts. Bush praised by the generals. You are remembering the facts as you want them to be not as they were. Bush went into the war with no plans for afterward.

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And the question is what President made such a mess that the next president spent his entire time trying to rescue the country? What president if he had just continued the policy that the president before him was carrying out would have owed Zero at the end of his presidency. Boy what a legacy that would have been.

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One of my ancestors was a Neanderthal caveman living in northern Europe who lusted after one of those tall leggy blonde Scandinavian women. As a result I am 6’1″ and have blue eyes. I apologize for that, Ben Affleck

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Finding these unbelievably absurd conservatives Vents, I realized all you cons must be out of a job and don’t have time for anything else. See, it also make sense when you change the terms…Nice projection, dude.

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Nice try Tea Party. After you add in the extra debt, approved by your party, for “W’s” destruction to the economy. I think “W” wins. Nice try using “fuzzy math,” though. At least you didn’t out right lie.

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You posted “I am not an American” like you are proud not to be, but you sure do not mind living here enjoying our freedoms and benefits. I’ll bet that “cash” you want to pay for a new car was not even taxed.