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Talk about low information voters. We had 12 years of Bush presidencies and only 2 million jobs created, yet Republicans might very well nominate another one.

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Could it be that the ROADS connect where they want to go and where they want to OFF RAD at?

I keep seeing trucks with “Off Road” written on them, but I see them “ON” the road. What’s up with that?

Oh wait you were TRYING to be funny. Don’t quit your job at Subway.

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One of the more memorable Bill and Monica sides was the comment James Carville made about Paula Jones-” it is amazing what one gets when dragging a 10 dollar bill through a trailer park.” Meaning Paula was trailer park trash. The truth is that Carville worked for trailer park trash. Incidentally the Clintons settled Paula’s lawsuit for over 800K $.

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A Realtor gets shot in at an “Open House” in Gwinnett, A Cop is the shooter, refuses to talk to “Gwinnett Police” and is released to go home. Does any one else see Privileged Blue Wall? If that was you or I, We would be sitting in a jail cell waiting to talk to my lawyer, after the nasty talk from officer friendly!!!

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The Transportation Bull is a joke! Heavy trucks ruin our roads with potholes and tire tread everywhere! Electric vehicles clean our children’s air! Our leaders have no clue….

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If the reports I heard are correct, it is not dumb cops allowing a woman in the cruiser with a gun in her possession, the award for dumbness goes to officials that say a female perp cannot be frisked by a male cop.

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Low information voters, who own neither homes or stocks, got hit the hardest for sweeping Obama to victory. Upward mobility, which the government cannot provide, is the only real way out of poverty. Only those, who gave it their best shot and failed, deserve government assistance.

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Just came back from vacation in Europe, didn’t meet any Southerners while I was there. Oh, that’s right, you people don’t bother to experience anything other than yahoo ville.

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The people behind the draw the prophet were not trying to be Christian or Jewish. They were promoting free speech. They would just as like make fun of Christians, Jews, or any other group they deem to infringe on free speech.