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We have 20,000 border patrol agents and 94,000 IRS employees. I think that answers any and all questions regarding how we fund additional border agents. Revamp the tax code and switch head count numbers between the 2 departments.

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Ah, but many of us know who the enemy is within our midst. Just observe his moves objectively. But instead of thinking for themselves, many worship him blindly.

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None of you know anything about the Middle East and who our true enemies are, so stop playing “arm-chair” Generals and get back to playing candy crush.

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The best fighters of the former Iraqi Army are now the leaders in ISIS. They do not like the government we installed. Apparently, not enough people like it to fight for it.

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The sniveling twit is a trained and certified police officer. You can NOT shoot someone in the back who is running away from you… Even if you suspect they are armed. And the name calling isn’t necessary.

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It’s a thousand dollar fine to litter including cigarette butts in Stockbridge. Sounds like a sure fire revenue maker, especially considering the amount of trash I have to pick up in my front yard routinely.

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Just saw a new car commercial (Audi?), it had flying drones attacking and citizens fearfully running.
With all the new delivery drones, noise factor, spying in our backyards, peering into windows, they may change the American lifestyle more than we even imagine.

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Individuals who commit the same crime over three times is not going to change. So, give them prison time instead of continuing to release these thugs among us.