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So much emphasis is placed on parents who discipline their children in public but no one says a word when they abuse their babies, toddlers and small children in public by keeping them out past their bedtimes, not feeding them when they are hungry, not changing their diapers when needed and ignore the children’s crying because they are hungry, wet, sleepy or just plain don’t feel good. Parents who do such should be arrested for child cruelty in such cases!

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If you are going to return a garment to the store where you purchased it, take the time to have it cleaned and reapply the tags. Oh, and bring the original receipt with you. If you can do none of that, don’t return your garment. Salespeople shouldn’t have to handle your filthy, dirty garments that smell of your rotten body odor!

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If someone holds a door open for you, please thank them. If someone lets you break in line in front of your car, please wave and mouth the words “thank you”. If you see someone broken down on the side of the road, either pull over and help them or call 911 or 511 to summon help for them. If you see someone stumble and fall, be kind and help them up. If you see someone who needs help opening a door, help them. Remember, it could be you or a loved one who could be the one in need

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If the owner of a store and an employee of that store differ in religions, whose religion takes precedence for the customer? And why should I be asked to care!

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Many stores do not want to serve sexually different couples. Sounds like we have gone back to Lester Maddox who refused service to blacks in his restaurant. The courts made that illegal. I do not see the difference.

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Cannot believe that piece of garbage took away a good heart from some deserving person. He wanted a second chance to do what?……..carjack, rob and run over an innocent person. Good riddance! Too bad they couldn’t have taken the heart back.