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Enough is enough!!!
I had to cancel AJC home delivery because I cannot get my paper left where I want it. So much for “excellent service” as promised by AJC!

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Republican candidates are the ones that need sheltering. The head of the Republican Party has already said they’re cutting down on the number of debates. This is to try to keep GOP presidential hopefuls from sticking their foot in mouth,like always. Good luck with that.

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Hillary has faced a crowd and did just fine(Please see Benghazi hearing)And made the intellectually challenged GOP investigative committee look like clowns.

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Wow-right wing nuts in Texas are saying the military is taking over Texas. But wait! It’s get better! Citizens will be held captive in area Walmarts!! That’s a new kind of stupid right there. Sheesh!

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Hillary has just made a 180 degree turn on immigration.
I know I’m not surprised. She will take the position that she thinks will get her the most votes and that is all she cares about. She has absolutely no integrity. Her husband was an excellent mentor.

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Obviously people who are pro free speech when it comes to threatening cops, or calling for demonstrations that often lead to arson, theft, destruction of property, loss of jobs object to criticism of radical islam. Fear of islam must be the issue. No matter what you do or don’t do as I hear it ISIS caliphate supporters will never accept non muslims.

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We have only known yellowstone is massive super volcano capable of destroying the country since it can be seen from the air. And ice cores can tell us all about the environment of earth day by day back to the start of earth? None of the ice has ever disappeared even though earth has gone through massive changes?

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What party votes to cut the budget of government agencies that check on food and drug safety and to cut regulations on safe drinking water? So what if some old people die eating tainted ice cream or peanut butter, let’s make it easier on the businesses.

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It is not naive to look for a party that doesn’t hate Hispanics, the poor, gays, blacks, etc. don’t want them to receive special benefits… Just tired of all of the hatred.

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Global warming. The earth has warmed, cooled, shifted land masses, errupted, flooded, had droughts, had volcanic activities, been hit by meteors, had epidemics, had shifting axis, been hit by solar flares, had earthquakes, had land shift higher, or lower. Some land that was under water and now is dry land. Temp and air and water quality data is not there going back to the start of earth. Over population is an issue so you fail to maintain the border when there is not enough water?