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Ever notice that a pregnant illegal seldom has a wedding ring on. Oh well, more Baltimores coming. Glad they now have bi-lingual crime scene tape which I saw on TV. Thanks WSB channel 2.

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For Sports related Vents, for example, any UGA, Falcons, GT athletic team, please take those enlightened comments/Vents to the SPORTS Vent. Just click on the drop box at the top, left side of the Vent page. The category “Sports” will appear. Click on it and you will be in the Sports Vent. We don’t need the Vent to be any more screwed up than it already is.

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Just Great. I thought they removed that H-bomb two miles off Tybee Island. Now we are going to have terrorists hanging around our Georgia coast trying to salvage it to use on us. What happens if it goes off? Thank God Japan is a forgiving nation they have experience with this. Besides we owe them more money than we do to China. Can anybody say “crawl under your desk and cover your head”.

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The America doctor and nurse that contracted ebola was with Samariatians Purse in Africa. They are Christians who are trying to help mankind, not kill them off.

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Mark Richt only made $2.81 million in 2008, but in 2014 he made $3.31 million. Now, there is just no denying this improvement happened while Obama was president.

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You do know that Christians sponsor the removal of landmines and dig water wells. Operation Blessings has an office in Nepal and Samaritians Purse has been on the frontlines of the earthquake since day one! Christians are the most giving people in the world. What was your information source? When you vent don’t tell stories.

score -9

How could anyone be worse off since Obama took office unless they do not own any stocks or a home or have a job that in any way is impacted by a growing economy?

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Admittedly, the Republicans have been unable to fool all the people all the time, but they have been able to deceive a sufficient number of people a sufficient number of times.

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Christians violent? Christians are being beheaded, crucified, tortured, rape, murdered, robbed, removed from ancient homelands, are refugees fleeing for their lifes. Are you afraid of Christians (black & white)who might thump you with their bible? We are taught to love our neighbors not slaughter them.