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Now we find out that all time we knew where ISIS is headquartered,BUT This adminstration will not bomb them because “women and children MIGHT get hurt” , so we just let the terrorist go

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I sure wish there was someway the police in Clayton County
could ticket the very bad drivers I see every day. These people really don’t care about themselves or you.

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We s
Went a billion dollars training the Iraqis, and they drop their weapons and run. What is really embarrassing is that we just delivered the day before they ran , 40 brand new miliarty vehicles, now ISIS has them

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It has been proven that a 14 year old’s brain hasn’t fully matured, most particularly in the cause-and-effect areas. No 14 year old should be treated, tried, or punished as an adult. They are not an adult.

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Anyone that believes that Taliban 5, those illegally traded for deserter Bergdahl, won’t rejoin ‘the fight’ when released is as big an idiot as those that originally made the deal.

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Sneaking in and molesting your young sisters while they slept and then molesting a family friends daughter is not just the ‘mistakes’ of a 14 year old boy, his actions were the calculated & evil & he knew exactly what he was doing. He was not mentally incapable of understanding what he was doing, he knew & he planned it & carried it out. He is a molester & a monster & the fact his family protected him from the consequences of his ‘sin’ makes them suspect.

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I am a white female. I was riding on public transportation on the west coast. A young black man stood up to give me his seat. When he first stood up it scared me. I thought he was going to rob or hurt me. A natural reaction for someone who grew up in ATL.

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I haven’t heard any conservatives accusing Obama of starting the floods in Texas but I sure heard a lot of liberals blaming Bush for Katrina, even going so far as to say he had the dikes destroyed to flood & kill the residents of New Orleans.

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Jim Bob Duggar was referring to adults committing crimes. A 14 year old boy is a different story. They handled it appropriately and by all accounts corrected their son’s heinous actions as well as got his victims the help they needed too.