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How come the black community doesn’t get up set at ALL the young black kids killed by black thugs, but want to burn down the town if it was a police that killed a black male.

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It doesn’t matter what the issue is for a peaceful demonstration until the dirty criminals turn it into a mob of thieving looters. I say shoot them on sight and knock off the racist bull.

score 2

I think ol’ Kasim believes that money grows on trees! Got to have that new stadium, the folley trolley, and now giving money to Tyler Perry who has plenty himself, but still could not find one penny for the Braves! Nice!

score 3

Instead of wasting two precious years working on “cityhood” for some elites in DeKalb, our representatives should have been working on reforms in the DeKalb Government and Schools!

score -3

Teachers have been drum beating for 30 yrs that they are underpaid. Fact is, teachers are overpaid and the diploma mills are turning out less capable grads than ever and throwing more money at it hasn’t worked. But when politicians have a 600,000 strong voting block, they’ll pander to it. Teachers, in effect, vote in their own pay raises. How about a referendum on teacher pay raises, and no teacher is allowed to vote in it?

score -1

Since you brought up the ACA, tell me, exactly how bad off are we since it was put into effect – other than every claim you guys have made that didn’t happen? Oh, and don’t start about “you can keep your policy.” The insurance companies were responsible for that.

score -2

It is so bizarre to say that Bush protected this country after 9/11. The worst attack on this country happened under his watch and after refusal to meet all year with the Security Advisor and after being on vacation the whole month of August. You call others Idiot?