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Oh,,,democrats have imagination all right! They live in a fantasyland filled with flying pink elephants and blind rage towards anyone who dares have a different opinion from their line of BS.

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republicans have no imagination, vision or leadership skills. All they can say is “Obama bad, destroying our country, have to take our country back” but they can’t actually explain their position. Perhaps someone should introduce them to the middle class.

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Hope you are insanely happy with your Republucan majority house and senate. They are rushing the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement through as fast as they can. It will put half our population on par with the China worker. Oh snap! You don’t know how our government is structured or works. Never mind.Hell is empty and all the drvils are here.

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CARE USA announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Michelle Nunn as the global poverty-fighting organization’s new president and CEO. WOW we must have won the LBJ USA war on poverty I missed it.

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Unfortunately I voted for George Bush, who promptly started an unnecessary war that took over 4000 American lives and cost trillions of dollars, then left the Middle East in a disaster and the U.S. economy in the worst condition since the great depression – live and learn.

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I can not legally offer a policeman money so he will not give me a ticket, yet in Tulsa it is OK to give money, cars, other equipment, more money and take the police chief on vacation and in return you get to play deputy and shoot people and claim it was a mistake that other people make. Un freaking believable!

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Mr. Bates, just because you say other people have made the “mistake”of using their gun instead of their taser does NOT excuse your actions based on other people’s mistakes. Next time I am stopped for speeding, I am going to use that line, I mean excuse.

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Dept. of Justice and it’s skilled leader Eric “Malcolm X “Holder to investigate Hillary Clinton for Bribery fat, fat, chance……better chance of the Braves winning the world series!

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Ben Affleck chill having a relative that owned slaves and another relative that fought in the American Revolution is history. Sad your future relatives will try to hide that you were a Hollywood flaming liberal progressive double talk bag of wind !