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You’re generalizing, not all Republicans are Christians & not all Democrat are atheists. If you got out more you’d find that in both parties are gays, straights, atheists, Christians, male, female, black, white, Hispanic, etc. etc. Quit trying to alienating & dividing others by putting your biased labels on them.

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Carly’s ability is to attempt to bankrupt companies with her extraordinary stupidity. That’s why Boards of Directors fire her before she can complete her attempts.

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Republican and conservative are not necessarily the same. Conservatives do not want to go to war in the Middle East UNLESS the gloves come off: no rules of engagement, no JAGS, and no nation building nonsense.

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OK I’ll bite Yes we have a lot of Democrats who do immoral things but for the most part we are not going around with the Bible and a flag draped around us proclaiming we are Christians and you better do like we say.

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The poor snowflakes of the LGBT movement. When you have to harass, bully, threaten or portray indignation over any and every perceived opponent of your agenda, then you must be painfully aware that the main thesis of that agenda, the redefinition of the age old institution of marriage to include those with disordered attractions for their own sex, is weak.

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It’s sad & abuse what the Falcon’s player did to that little dog but what about a little compassion & outrage for the children who are beaten, abused & killed in this world?

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When you read about people that abuse dogs,like the SC person that taped a dogs mouth shut,they should be castrated and not allowed to add to the gene pool.

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There’s a whole lot of Hasterts in the Democratic party too its just that Democrats rarely get caught & even if they do they are proud of it & flaunt it or have their cronies help them hide it.

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Not all Democrats are bad and not all Republicans are bad, not all Democrats are liberal and not all Republicans are conservative. Quit putting people in boxes, discern based on the person’s character and the individual quit generalizing.

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I hear Huckabee’s comment about Hastert is going to be pretty much the same as he had on the Duggars, let he who has not molested a child cast the first stone.

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The GOP needs to break up into three parties. One party would be for true fiscal conservatives with normal social policies. The second would be for libertarians. The third party could be for those wishing to impose their religious views onto the remainder of the country.

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I see where Texas radio show host and friend to GOP presidential candidates, Bryan Fischer, is saying Texas floods are due to the occult, witchcraft and the embrace of homosexuality. I did not know Texas was the leading state in those practices.

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I bet the Republicans wish some of the people they’d like to see prosecuted had broken some law. Unfortunately for them, disagreeing with conservatives is still legal.